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[Question] Let me know the details on an image size in each image qualiy.

The following chart shows the combination between picture quality modes, image sizes, and items in the display. You can find this information the Camera User Guide in page 69, 70, and 71.

Mode Size Display Uses
RAW 3264 x 2448 RAW (8M) You can create an image with less quality degradation. This mode is suitable for high-level image correction and editing in a computer.
3264 x 2176 RAW 3:2 (8M)
F (Fine) 3264 x 2448 F3264 (8M) It is suitable for image correction in a computer, or for printing in large sizes.
3264 x 2176 F3:2 (8M)
N (Normal) 3264 x 2448 N3264 (8M)
2592 x 1944 N2592 (5M) It is suitable for printing in large sizes.
2048 x 1536 N2048 (3M)
1280 x 960 N1280 (1M) It is suitable for taking many pictures.
640 x 480 N640 (VGA) It is capable of recording the greatest number of pictures in a single SD memory card. It is suitable for sending an image by email, or for a web publishing.

[Image picture quality]

N: Normal mode
Due to the compression ratio is high, a file size is small.

F: Fine mode
Due to the compression ratio is low, a file size is large. The picture quality is better than one in the normal mode.

RAW: RAW mode
The raw data as you take an image is saved as a RAW file (.DNG) A JPEG file converted from the RAW file is also recorded. Generally, the image that you take is processed and compressed in a camera to save a small file as .JPG. But due to this image processing, the picture quality will be lower. In RAW format, an image is saved as a raw data without the image processing. You can edit a raw image in high quality as you take with the image processing software.
The aspect rate of 3:2 can be used in the RAW mode and the Fine mode. (The normal is 4:3)


    • In RAW mode, you cannot use some functions, such as Multi-shot, Auto bracket, White balance bracket, Digital zoom, and Image with sound.
    • The DATE IMPRINT function cannot be used with the RAW mode.
    • In the RAW mode, the following items in the Shooting Settings are available with the JPEG file only that is created at once; Sharpness, Color depth, and other image settings.
    • In the RAW mode, the ISO sensitivity is fixed to 800 even if you set to 1600.
    • A .DNG file created in the RAW mode stores the raw data from the sensor of the camera. The data is close to the original.
    • For the image processing of ".DNG " file that is shot in the RAW mode requires the software that is complaint with the DNG file format. Adobe Photoshop Elements Trial version is included with the installation CD that come with your camera. You can process the image file with the software. The DNG file formwat, one of RAW file formats, is the standard format advocated by Adobe System Inc.
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