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[Question] What is the [F 3:2] ?

This shows an aspect ratio of an image is 3:2. You can get a picture in a same frame as 35 mm film cameras, when you use this size.
With the [F3:2], it is 2592 x 1728 in size and F (Fine mode) in picture quality.


If you take a picture in the [F3:2], black strips in the top and bottom of an image will appear in the LCD, lie the sample photo above.

Usually, image sizes (such as 2592 x 1944, 2048 x 1536) have the aspect ratio at 4:3, and it will be usuful to view an image with a computer display or a TV monitor (except High Definition television / HDTV.)
In other hand, 35 mm film cameras have the aspect ratio at 3:2. The Caplio R3 model has this option in image size.

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Date created:September 20, 2006
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