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[Question] Let me know about DB-60, a rechargeable battery.

The DB-60 is a lithium-ion battery. It is economical, because you can recharge it with a battery charger and which allows you to use it repeatedly.


  • Charging time is about 2 hours (at 25 degrees C.)
  • Use a battery charger, BJ-6 (Specially for the DB-60.)
  • If you do not use a camera for a long time, remove a rechargeable battery from a camera, and keep the battery in a cold place.

Number of pictures that you can take

The following is a guide that a DB-60 maintains to take a picture.

GR DIGITAL II: Approx. 370 pictures
Caplio GX100: Approx. 340 pictures (without the VF-1)
Approx. 290 pictures (with the VF-1)
Caplio R5: Approx. 380 pictures
Caplio R40: Approx. 350 pictures
Caplio R4: Approx. 330 pictures
Caplio R30: Approx. 330 pictures
Caplio R3: Approx. 310 pictures
Approx. 250 pictures

  • *These data is based on the measurement conditions compliant with the CIPA standard. (Temperature : 23 degrees C, LCD monitor ON, 50 % flash usage, Turning the power off after each 10 shots.)
  • *If you set a camera in the power-save, or the synchro-monitor mode, the number of pictures that you can take will increase.
  • *The data is just a guide and reference only. If you use a camera for setting changes, for playing back pictures, they spend the available time of a battery, and the available number of pictures will be less.

Battery level indication

The battery mark appears at the lower left of the LCD to indicate the battery level. Please prepare new batteries before battery power is low.
The following figure shows a guide for your reference.

Sufficient battery power
Low remaining battery power. Prepare new batteries.
No remaining battery power. Replace an new battery or recharge the battery.

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Product:GR DIGITAL II, Caplio GX100, Caplio R5, Caplio R40, Caplio R4, Caplio R30, Caplio R3, GR DIGITAL
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