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[Question] With the Ricoh Gate La software, a message appear, folder does not exist, when I connect a camera to a computer.

"Specified folder does not exist." may appear when you connect a camera to a computer.

This message will appear in the following cases.
    • the name of the folder was changed.
    • the folder was moved to another

For the solution, please change the specified foloder to save pictures. You can change the option setting in the RICOH Gate La software.

Please click this tip for a change on the option settings.

Answer ID: EDC04061 "How can I change the folder to save pictures to a computer from a camera?"

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Answer ID:EDC05087
Date created:September 20, 2006
Date modified:--
Product:All models that are compatible with RICOH Gate La
Operating system:Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98

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