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[Question] How can I change the program started when I connect a camera to a computer?

When you connect a camera to a computer at the first time, "Device connected" window will appear.
If you choose an option, "Always use this program for this action," the same program will always run when you connect a camera to a computer.

If you want to change a program to run automatically when you connect a camera, you can change this option in the property of the digital camera with the following procedure.

1. [Start] - [My Computer].

2. Right-mouse click on [Scanner and Camera] to choose [Properies].

3. Click on the [Event] tab.

4. Choose the action on [Start this program] to click the pull down menu to choose a program that you want to run, and then click [OK] to close the window.

[Memo]If you want to choose a program at every time, choose the action on [Prompt for which program to run]. So that "Device Connected" window will appear whenever you connect a camera to a computer to choose a program at that time.

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Answer ID:EDC05024
Date created:September 20, 2006
Date modified:December 9, 2010
Product:All models (that the RICOH Gate La supports)
Operating system:Windows XP

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