CX6 : About the zoom feature.

The CX6 has the zoom feature below.

  • *10.7x optical zoom feature (from 28 mm at the wide end to 300 mm at the tele end )
  • *2.0x super resolution zoom feature (from 300 mm to 600 mm). Combination with this super resolution zoom will allow you to use max. 21.4x (equivalent to 600 mm)
  • *4.8x digital zoom. Combination with this digital zoom will allow you to use max. 103x (equivalent to 2880 mm)
(35 mm filmcameras equivalent)

* Simulated image

Step zoom

If you set [Step Zoom] On, it allows you to move a zoom position to a fixed step quickly as follows.
[Optical zoom] in 8 levels (equivalent to: 28, 35, 50, 85, 105, 135, 200, 300 mm)
[Super Resolution zoom] in 2 levels (equivalent to: 450, 600 mm)
[How do I set step zooming ?]

[Super Resolution Zoom]

The Super Resolution zoom (SR zoom) technology is applied in the zoom range from 300mm - 600mm. Super Resolution zoom captured images have minimal degradation in image quality than digital zoom.
The SR zoom always work in the zoom range from 300 mm - 600 mm.
[What is the Super Resolution Zoom (SR zoom) ?]

[Digital Zoom]

While you can use the normal zoom to enlarge the subject up to 10.7x, digital zooming allows you to enlarge the subject still further (up to another 4.8x at maximum).
To use the digital zooming, turn and hold the zoom lever toward until the maximum magnification is reached on the zoom bar, then momentarily release the zoom lever, and then turn the zoom lever again toward . The digital zoom magnification will be displayed on the zoom bar.

Zoom operations

In a shooting mode, turn the zoom lever to the tele side (to the right), or to the wide side (to the left).

Zoom lever

The zoom bar at the left on the screen will show the current zoom position.

zoom bar example

Turning the zoom lever to the tele side (to the right) will make optical zooming, and then the Super Resolution zoom. In the Super Resolution zoom range, the [SR] symbol will be displayed.
Once releasing your finger from the zoom lever at the maximum of the Super Resolution zoom, then turning the zoom lever again will make the digital zoom. [DZ] symbol and the zoom ratio will be displayed in yellow.

Auto Resize zoom in [Digital Zoom Image] options

Auto resize zoom option is also available when you set [Auto Resize] for [Digital zoom Image] in the Setup menu. (Only when [Picture Quality/Size] is set to[10M] 4:3F, or [10M] 4:3N.)

Zoom feature in movies

Optical zoom and digital zoom are available for movies. Optical zoom can be used up to 10.7 at the maximum. Digital zoom magnification varies depending on the movie size.
The Super Resolution zoom is unavailable in the movie mode.


  • The Super Resolution zoom is enabled when the [Normal] option (default) is selected for [Digital Zoom Image] in the Setup menu.
  • The Super Resolution zoom cannot be used in movie mode, continuous mode, Creative Shooting mode, or [Golf Swing Continuous Mode] in the SCENE mode.
  • Digital zoom will not be available in Dynamic Range Double Shot, Multi-trgt AF.
* Other limitations for each shooting mode, see below.
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