CX6 : About the Scene modes.

Scene mode allows you to select from 13 types of still images modes, and shoot with settings automatically optimized for the shooting conditions.

Scene Modes
Symbol Mode Description
Portrait Portrait Use when taking portrait pictures. The camera automatically detects up to 8 faces, and adjusts focus, exposure, and white balance. The faces detected by the camera are shown by square borders.
The camera may not be able to recognized faces in the following cases:

  • When the face is side-view, tilted, or moving
  • When the camera is tilted or upside down (the shutter release button is facing down)
  • When the face is partially hidden or at the edge of the frame
  • When the face is not clearly visible because of dark surroundings
  • When the subject is too far away (Make sure that the face appearing in the picture display is vertically longer than 1 block marked by the 3 x 3 grid guide.)
Landscape Landscape Use when taking scenery pictures with abundant greenery or blue sky.
Discreet Mode Discreet Mode Regardless of configured settings on Flash, AF auxiliary light, and Operation sounds, the camera will take a picture with these settings disabled. This will be a good option in the situation where you would like to take a picture without flash or operation sound.
Night. Port. Night. Port. Use when taking portrait pictures against a nightscape.
The flash fires automatically. The shutter speed slows down, so be careful of camera shake.
Night Landscape Multi-shot Night Landscape Multi-shot Use for night scenes. Blur caused by camera shake is reduced even in handheld shots. 4 shots are taken in succession and combined to create a single image, increasing the time needed to record photographs in comparison to other modes.
Fireworks Fireworks This mode will be useful for fireworks scenes. This mode fixes to the following settings; Focus > ∞ (infinity), ISO 100, White balance > AUTO. Pressing the Fn button switches the exposure time from [2 seconds], [4 seconds] (default), and [8 seconds]. When shooting in this mode, hold the camera steady by using a tripod.
Cooking Cooking This mode will be useful when taking a picture of food or cooking. Macro mode is automatically selected. Pressing the Fn button displays the screen for cooking picture settings. Push the ADJ./OK button up or down Up, down to adjust the brightness, and right or left Right, left to adjust the color.
Sports Sports Use when taking pictures of moving object.
Pets Pets Use to take a picture of cats and other pets. The flash, AF auxiliary light, and operation sounds turn off, regardless of configured settings on them.
Golf Swing Continuous Mode Golf Swing Continuous Mode It will be useful for checking golf swing. This mode takes multiple frames using M-Cont Plus (2M) feature. Pressing the Fn button displays the screen for grid line settings. Push the ADJ./OK button up or down Up, down Right, left to change the grid position. Press the delete button Deleteto change the grid type.
What is the [Golf Swing Continuous Mode] in the SCENE mode ?
Zoom Macro Zoom Macro Automatically optimizes the zoom position to shoot the subject larger than with normal macro shooting. The optical zoom cannot be used in this mode.
Skew Correct Mode Skew Correct Mode Use to straighten a rectangular object, such as a message board or business card, that has been shot at an angle. This mode makes it look as if the picture has been shot squarely.
Skew Correct Mode
In Skew correction mode, choose from [ 1M4:3F] or [ VGA4:3F] for [Picture Quality/Size].
Text Mode Text Mode Use when capturing text images, for example notes written on a white board at a meeting. Images are captured in black and white. You can also change the shading of text, and set the image size to either [ 10M4:3] or [ 3M4:3] for [Picture Quality/Size].
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Memo Note on the Pets mode / Discreet mode;

  • The camera will not beep.
  • Flash mode Flash mode cannot be selected with the ADJ./OK button.
  • Even in the Self-timer mode, the self-timer lamp and beep indicator are disabled.
  • The minimum shooting distance and shooting range in the [Zoom Macro] mode are as follow.

Focal length (35 mm filmcamera equivalent) Minimum shooting distance
(from the front of the lens)
Shooting range
70 mm Approx. 1 cm Approx. 19 x 14 mm (Not used Super Resolution zoom / digital zoom)
140 mm Approx. 1 cm Approx. 9 x 7 mm (Not used Super Resolution zoom / digital zoom)
672 mm Approx. 1 cm Approx. 2 x 1 mm (With using 2x Super Resolution zoom / 4.8x digital zoom)

Procedures for shooting in Scene mode

  • 1Turn the mode dial to SCENE. The camera is ready to shoot and the selected scene mode is displayed at the top of the picture display.

    SCENE mode

  • 2If you would like to change the scene mode, press the [MENU] button.

    2 If you would like to change the scene mode, press the [MENU] button.

  •  The scene mode selection screen appears.

    The scene mode selection screen appears.

  • 3Press the [ADJ./OK] button Up, down, right or left to select a scene mode.
  •  3 Press the [ADJ./OK] button up, down, to the left and to the right to select the scene mode.
  •  And then press the [ADJ./OK] button or the [Fn] button.
    • *ADJ./OK button : The symbol for the selected scene mode is displayed at the top of the picture display, and it is ready to shoot.
    • *Fn button : The scene mode selection is determined, and the shooting setting menu will be displayed.
  • 4Press the shutter release button to shoot the picture.

    Press the shutter release button to shoot the picture.

Memo [Changing the shooting settings in each scene mode]

Press the [MENU] button in shooting mode, and then press the [ADJ./OK] button Up, down, right or left to select the [MODE] tab. Now press the [ADJ./OK] button Down once to display the shooting menu, or twice to display the setup menu.

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