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[Question] How to install the supplied software (for Windows):

The supplied software is stored in the internal memory in the camera. For Windows, following software is installed.

Software Description
DC software 2 DL-10 Download pictures automatically at once
Adobe Reader Download Link to Adobe site to download the Adobe Reader
Customer Service Registration Link to the registration site
Media Browser (from Pixela) Picture viewing and edit software
Media Browser software website


  • Login as an Administrator when installations.
  • Use the DL-10 software as stand alone. Network downloading is not supported.
  • See here for OS compatibility on each software.
  • The upgraded operating system is not supported. Since the USB feature may not work properly.
  • By the operating system environment changes or service pack releases, connections may not work properly.
  • Connection to a pre-installed USB port on the computer is only supported.
  • Using a USB hub, or using the combination of other USB devices may not work properly.
  • Large memory environment is recommended when handling a large file like movies.

Before installations

The camera USB setting must be set to [Mass Storage]. Go to [Setup] menu > [USB Connection Type] > [Mass Storage].
[About the Setup menu operations.]

If the [DC software 2] is installed into the computer that already be installed the [DC software] for previous version, the DL-10 for the [DC software 2] is registered into the [startup] folder.

Installations on a Windows computer

  • 1 Turn the camera power off, and remove the memory card from the camera.
  • Note If a memory card is in the camera, the software cannot be installed.

  • 2 Connect the common terminal for USB port / AV output of the camera (gray) to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

    Connect the cable.

    • The camera will turn on automatically when the connection is established.
    • The camera internal memory will be mounted as the [RICOHDCI (E:)] drive. ('E' is the example when the drive letter is 'E'.)
  • 3Windows 7 example :
    [Open folder to view files] (left in below) > [AUTORUN] (right in below)

    Open folder to view files  AUTORUN

  • Windows Vista example : Click on 'Start the digital camera software installer'.

    Start the digital camera software installer.

  • Windows XP example :
    Choose [Start the digital camera software installer] then click on [OK].

    Start the digital camera software installer > OK

  • 4 The Digital camera software installer window will appears.

    Digitalcamera software installer
    Click on the [Installing the software] to run.

  • Windows XP :
    After while, [Choose Setup Language] screen will appear.
  • Windows Vista / Windows 7 :
    If a [User Account Control] dialog is displayed, select [Yes] (Windows 7) or [Allow] (Windows Vista]. if an icon appears on the task bar, click the icon to display the dialog. After a short pause, the [Choose Setup Language] dialog will be displayed.

  • 5 Choose the language and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • * After that, MediaBroswer installer will startup. To install MediaBrowser, accept the license agreement and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • 6 Click [Unblock] for DL-10.
    * For Windows 7 : click [Allow access].

  • 7 You will be asked to restart the computer, select [Yes, I want to restart my computer now.] and then click [Finish].

  • 8 Your computer will restart automatically.
  • After the computer restarts, A Windows security alert like below may appear. Click [Allow access] or [Unblock].
    Allow access  Unblock
  • You will be ready to use the DL-10 software.

Caution [Caution]

  • Do not force the USB cable into the terminal, or apply excessive force with the USB cable connected. Also when using the USB cable, do not move the camera with the USB cable.
  • Do not disconnect the USB cable with the camera power on.
  • Be sure to use the supplied USB cable. Do not connect other cable than the supplied USB cable.
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Date created: February 18, 2011
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