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[Question] What is the [Golf Swing Continuous Mode] in the SCENE mode ?

This mode will be useful for checking golf swing. At shooting, you can adjust the grid line position on a person who holds a golf club. And you can check the swing with the grid line while playback.
This mode is taken with M-Cont Plus (2M), but the capturing period differs from the normal M-Cont Plus (2M) as follows.
This mode allows you to record 26 consecutive frames (at maximum) of the previous (approx.) 2 seconds, once you release the shutter release button. Captured frames are grouped together as a set and recorded as one MP file.

* All images below are simulated.

At shooting;

Pressing the Fn button displays the screen for grid line settings. Push the ADJ./OK button up or down Up, down Right, left to change the grid position.

Grid guide setting screen
Example [1]

Press the delete button Deleteto change the grid type.

Variation for gride guide option
Example [2]

At playback;

In the playback mode in the camera, captured images (MP file) are displayed with the grid lines that has been selected at capturing like below.

Playback for Example (1)  Playback for Example (2)
Playback screen (Left is for Example [1] above, Right is for Example [2] above)

Turning the zoom lever to right (enlarged display) will change the screen to display multiple frames in the MP file like below. (It differs from the way for normal MP file playback.)

Multiple frames playback for Example (1)  Multiple frames playback for Example (2)
Playback screen for multiple frames (Left is for Example [1] above, Right is for Example [2] above)

Turning the zoom lever to right again will change the screen to a single frame view.

The Golf Swing Continuous Mode is located in the SCENE mode.
Golf Swing Continuous Mode
For the SCENE mode operations, see the FAQ below.
About the Scene modes.

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Date created: January 27, 2011
Date modified: February 18, 2011
Product: CX5
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