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[Question] About the flash.

The default setting of flash is [AUTO].
You can select the flash mode that best suits your shooting conditions.

[Built-in Flash Range]
Wide-angle Approx. 20 cm to 4.0 m (from the front of the lens)
(at ISO Auto / 1600)
Telephoto Approx. 28 cm to 4.0 m (from the front of the lens)
(at ISO Auto / 1600)

The operations for selecting a flash mode are shown below.

Turn the mode dial to a shooting mode.
Turn the mode dial to a shooting mode.
Press the [ADJ./OK] button to the right Right (Flash) (Flash).
Press the [ADJ./OK] button flash.
Flash options will appear in the screen like below.

Flash mode options
3   Press the [ADJ./OK] button Up or down to choose a flash mode.
•  A symbol of the current flash mode is displayed at the upper left of the picture display.
•  This flash mode symbol at the upper left of the picture display blinks when the flash is charging. Once the flash is charged, the symbol stops blinking and lights steadily, and the camera is ready to shoot.

The flash modes are as follows.

[Flash Modes]
Symbol Mode Description
Flash Off Flash Off The flash will not fire.
Auto Auto The flash fires automatically when the subject is poorly lit or backlit.
Red-Eye Flash Red-Eye Flash Reduces the red-eye phenomenon that makes people's eyes appear red in pictures.
Flash On Flash On The flash fires regardless of the lighting conditions.
Flash Synchro Flash Synchro The flash fires with the shutter speed slowed. This is useful when taking portrait pictures in a nightscape. Camera shake may occur, so the use of a tripod is recommended.
    • You cannot take a picture when the flash is charging (approx. 5 seconds).
    • When using the flash, the startup time of the camera may take longer until the camera is ready to shoot from when the camera is turned on.

Memo [Memo]
    • The flash mode is retained until you press the [ADJ./OK] button toward Right (Flash) (Flash) again.
    • The flash does not fire in the following modes or shooting; the Movie mode, the Continuous mode, Multi-target AF, the Dynamic range double-shot mode, and Bracketing.
    • You can adjust the light intensity of the flash.
    • [How do I adjust the light intensity of the flash (Flash exposure compensation)?]
    • The auxiliary flash fires to increase the AE accuracy.
    • The flash cannot be used in some shooting modes or with some shooting menu options.
    • In the S-Auto mode, only [Auto] or [Off] options are selectable.
    • The scene modes below have some limitations in the flash modes.
Scene Mode Flash Mode
Night Landscape Multi-shot Fixed at [Flash Off]
Night. Port. Only [Red-eye Flash] and [Flash Synchro] can be selected.
Initial setting: [Flash Synchro]
Landscape Fixed to [Flash Off]
Discreet Mode Fixed to [Flash Off]
Pets Fixed at [Flash Off]
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Date created: November 17, 2010
Date modified: November 19, 2010
Product: CX4
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