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[Question] What is the Fn (Function) button?

You can assign a function to the Fn button and then switch between them by just pressing the button.

Fn button

A single function from the following can be assigned to the Fn (Function) button.

Available Setting Description
Macro Target Shoots close-ups by moving the AF target without moving the camera.
AE Lock Locks the exposure.
AF/Face Pr.AF Switches between auto focus*1 and Face Priority AF.
AF/Subj.Trckng Switches between auto focus*2 and Subject-Tracking AF.
AF/M-trgt AF Switches between auto focus*3 and Multi-target AF.
AF/MF Switches between auto focus*3 and manual focus.
AF/Snap Switches between auto focus*3 and Snap focus.
Step Zoom, AT-BKT, WB-BKT, CL-BKT, FOCUS-BKT Switches between on and off for each function.

  • *1[Multi AF], [Spot AF], or [Subject-Tracking]
  • *2[Multi AF], [Spot AF], or [Face Pr. Multi]
  • *3[Multi AF], or [Spot AF], [Face Pr. Multi], or [Subject-Tracking]
The items that can be set for each mode are shown below.
The items that can be set for each shooting mode

The items that can be set for each shooting mode
  • *20)The functions can be assigned to the Fn button, but they will not operate actually.

Memo [Memo]

  • The Fn button cannot be used for the selected function when [Miniaturize] is selected in the Creative shooting mode.
  • Macro Target is unavailable when [Sub. Tracking] or [Face Pr. Multi] is selected for Focus.
  • The Fn button is clicked while playback images, the image registered in the [Flag Function Setting] will be displayed.
  • In the Setup menu in Playback, selecting [Trim], [Level Compensation] (when the [Manual] is selected), or [White Balance Compensation], and clicking the Fn button will show the Help for operations.
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Date created: September 8, 2010
Date modified: September 9, 2010
Product: CX4
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Category: Hardware specifications
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