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[Question] What is the [S-AUTO] mode (Scene Auto mode) ?

In the Scene Auto mode, the camera automatically selects the optimal scene mode according to a scene.
In order to take a picture in the Scene Auto mode, turn the model dial to the [S-AUTO] mode.
The S-AUTO mode is located in the mode dial.

If the camera is unable to select a scene in the S-AUTO mode, the camera will take a picture with the following settings.

  Focus: Multi AF
  Exposure: Multi AE
  White balance: Multi-pattern auto

The following scene modes can be selected by the camera.
Symbol Mode Description
Portrait Portrait Use when taking portrait pictures.
The camera automatically detects the face of the subject, and adjusts focus, exposure, and white balance.
Sports Sports Use when taking pictures of moving object.
Night. Port. Night. Port. Use when taking portrait pictures against a nightscape.
The flash fires automatically. The shutter speed slows down, so be careful of camera shake.
Landscape Landscape Use when taking scenery pictures with abundant greenery or blue sky.
Nightscape Nightscape *1 Use when shooting night scenes. In nightscape mode, the flash fires when all the following conditions are satisfied:
• The flash is set to [Auto].
• The flash is determined to be necessary because it is dark.
• There is a figure or another object nearby.
Macro Mode Macro mode Use when taking a close-up picture.

  The available shooting settings in the S-AUTO mode are as follows.
  Flash ([Off] or [Auto] is selectable.)
  Digital zoom
  Picture Quality / Size
  Date imprint (On / Off)
  [Noise Reduction] is fixed to [Auto].

*1 : Nightscape mode
The Nightscape mode is available only in the Scene Auto mode. The flash in this mode will work only when the all conditions below are met;

  The flash is set to [Auto]
  The flash is determined to be necessary because it is dark.
  There is a figure of another object nearby.
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