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Patient's image data and document management

Customer issues

In our image management, we want to use the bar code information assigned to patients, and we also want to link it to scanned documents.

In our medical practice, we are using bar code information in patient identification, but if we could also use it to link together images, electronic medical records, and paper documents (referral letters, consent forms, etc.), we should be able to reduce our administrative workload and prevent administrative errors.

*Problems to be solved

  • -We want to use patient bar code information with the photographs we take.
  • -We want to efficiently use and manage the patient photographs that we take.
  • -We also want to use bar code information on the paper document that we output, and we want to efficiently manage those documents.

Ricoh has the solution!

The G700SE on-the-job digital camera has an internal wireless function and a bar code reader function so patient information can be used in image management. With a bar-code-compatible copier and GlobalScan NX, you can also simplify paper document management.

With the G700SE bar code reader function, you can record patient information in the camera memo when photographing the patient. When you then send the image to a system by wireless transmission, the bar code information can be saved in the file name of the renamed file, and it can also be linked to the electronic medical records.
In addition, by using a bar-code-compatible copier and the GlobalScan NX system for large-scale document distribution, you can output referral letters and consent forms with the bar code information printed on them, and you can have paper documents automatically allocated to folders when they are scanned.


*Necessary equipment and software

  • -G700SE on-the-job digital camera
  • -The accompanying software List Editor, ST10, and EX1
  • -Bar code reader unit BR-1 (sold separately)
  • -Digital copier "Aficio Series"
  • -GlobalScan NX large-scale document distribution system

*Expected benefits

  • -You can prevent errors by using the bar code reader function to link patient information to photographed images.
  • -The BR-1 optional bar code reader uses a laser to read bar codes so it is fast and can also be used in dim light.
  • -With the internal wireless function, you can immediately transmit to a server. The ability to automatically convert bar code information to an image file name and save the file under that name makes image management easy.
  • -An "Aficio Series" digital copier will print a bar code on an output document. It can also scan the document after a seal has been affixed, thereby increasing document management efficiency.
  • -The GlobalScan NX large-scale document distribution system will read bar code information at scanning time and automatically store the document in the selected file, thereby eliminating the need for sorting of scanned documents.
  • -You can efficiently manage images for dermatology, dentistry, surgery, cosmetic surgery, and wards (bed sores).

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