Digital camera solutions

Management of production image data

Customer issues

We want to efficiently manage our huge volume of product image data.

We handle many products so managing the similar image data is a complex task.
This image management is a indispensable operation for us, but isn’t there a more efficient way to do it?

*Problems to be solved

  • -We want to easily distinguish between the images of our many similar products.
  • -We want to use the bar codes that are on our products.

Ricoh has the solution!

Using the G700 bar code reader function, you can put the bar code information and product name into the file name.
This will make it easy to manage your huge number of product images!

The G700 can read the bar code information and then convert that information into a camera memo. If the information is then automatically converted into a file name when the file is saved, image management can be done using the bar code information.


*Necessary equipment and software

  • -G700 on-the-job digital camera
  • -The accompanying software List Editor and EX1

*Expected benefits

  • -Using the camera memo function, you can attach memos to the images. This ability to store many data fields together with the image makes image management much easier.
  • -When the bar code is read, the information can be stored in a camera memo and then used in the product image file name, thereby greatly simplifying the organization of image files.
  • -You can also automatically transfer images to designated folders, and this further reduces the image-management work burden.

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