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Protection of image data with personal information

Customer issues

We want to increase the security of images containing personal information.

We take a huge number of photographs on an everyday basis as part of on-site investigations. Those photographs include license plates and other personal information so we want to protect the image data from leakage and tampering.

*Problems to be solved

  • -We want to prevent images from being leaked in the event that the digital camera is stolen.
  • -We want to prevent tampering with the photographs taken in order to preserve their admissibility as evidence.
  • -In the event of a physical accident (camera dropped, soaked in water, etc.), we want to prevent the loss of photographs that are to serve as evidence.

Ricoh has the solution!

The G700 security functions will protect personal information by preventing image leaks and tampering.

Using the camera lock function to lock the entire camera or just internal-memory playback, you can prevent images from getting out in the event of camera theft or loss.
With the accompanying EC1 software, you can detect when an image has been tampered with.
The G700 has enhanced shock resistance that, along with the water, dust, and chemical resistance, protects the camera and its image data from physical harm.


*Necessary equipment and software

  • -G700 on-the-job digital camera
  • -The accompanying software EC1

*Expected benefits

  • -By locking internal memory with a password, you can prevent image leaks.
  • -By turning the image edit detection function on when taking photographs, if image tampering occurs, you will be able to detect it using the accompanying EC1 software.
  • -With shock resistance conforming to the US Department of Defense 2 m drop-test standard as well as water resistance (2 hours at 5 m), dust resistance, and chemical resistance, the G700 has the toughness to protect the camera itself along with the images inside.

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