Digital camera solutions

Protection of original image data

Customer issues

Since film camera film development takes so long, we want to use a digital camera, but we are worried about tampering.

We take a huge number of photographs on an everyday basis as part of on-site investigations, but we have avoided using a digital camera because of the problem of image tampering. Film development requires time and money so we want to use a digital camera to take photographs that will stand up as evidence.

*Problems to be solved

  • -We want to prevent image tampering.
  • -We want to preserve original images.
  • -We want to eliminate the time and cost of film development.

Ricoh has the solution!

Detect tampering with the enhanced security functions of the G700. Achieve rapid output and lower cost.

By using an SD-WORM card, you can insure that saved images are in their original state. In addition, the accompanying EC1 software can be used to detect image editing done after transfer to a PC.


*Necessary equipment and software

  • -G700 on-the-job digital camera
  • -SanDisk SD WORM card
  • -The accompanying software EC1

*Expected benefits

  • -If you use the SD WORM write-once SD card, you can preserve the image in its original state since photograph data cannot be deleted, changed, or initialized.
  • -By turning the image edit detection function on when taking photographs, if image tampering occurs, you will be able to detect it using the accompanying EC1 software.

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