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Patient's image management in health care

Customer issues

We want to more easily manage the images created daily.

In our medical practice, we need to take photographs of patients and surgical sites on an everyday basis, and we want to manage the large volume of images generated in a more efficient way.

*Problems to be solved

  • -After treatment, we want to compare the patients progress over time, but with so many similar photographs, we are having trouble differentiating and managing them. We want to manage the images in such a way that they can be distinguished at a glance.
  • -With the introduction of electronic medical records in recent years, the integrated management of patient information has become a necessity. It seems like we ought to be able to use patient bar code information in image management, but how?
  • -We want a digital camera that is durable with respect to water, soiling, and chemicals.

Ricoh has the solution!

Featuring enhanced chemical resistance, the G700 has a bar code reader function that can link images to electronic medical records.

If the patient bar code information is read when the photograph is taken, once the image is transferred to a PC, the bar code information can be automatically converted into a file name and the image automatically stored in a designated folder.
In addition, the G700 water resistance and strengthened resistance to disinfectants and other chemicals make it the perfect digital camera for use in a medical setting.


*Necessary equipment and software

  • -G700 on-the-job digital camera
  • -The accompanying software List Editor and EX1.

*Expected benefits

  • -Featuring strong water and chemical resistance, the G700 can be safely used for photography in a medical setting.
  • -Using the camera memo function, you can attach individual memos to images while the photographs are being taken, thereby making it easy to organize similar images.
  • -Your image management will be much easier since patient bar code information can be converted into file names.
  • -When images are transferred to a PC, the ability to automatically assign them to folders will also save time for your busy medical facility.

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