Inside Story

A photo culture source in Ginza

To create the space

Why was the photo gallery created in Ginza?


The Ricoh photo gallery RING CUBE has passed its first anniversary. Situated at the premier location of the Ginza 4-chome intersection, the gallery's "unique exhibitions" continue to attract considerable attention. But why created a photo gallery in Ginza? We sought the true motives. (Posted on: October 21, 2009)


To show photographs

What kinds of images are shown and how are they shown?


RING CUBE is situated in Ginza in a building with round donut-shaped floors, but what kinds of images does it show in that space and how does it show them? We asked the staff about attention-grabbing exhibitions held since the gallery opened and about their new projects. (Posted on: November 4, 2009)


To take photographs

The relentless pursuit of photography


RING CUBE was born both as a place to encounter memorable photographs and as a place to experience the enjoyment of taking pictures. So how are the staff working to communicate the fun of using a camera and the pleasures of photo creation? Let's take a look at some of their diverse activities. (Posted on: November 18, 2009)


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