Things are even more fun when there’re photographs!
RING CUBE wants to grow by staging activities with people who: Want to show the fun of photography to others; Want to explore fun ways to express oneself through photography; Want to help others who entrust their dreams to photography, and; Want to boost the world of photography.  So, RING CUBE is now recruiting support staff, whom we nicknamed “doughnuts”, to help with gallery planning! Have you ever wanted to be involved with a photography exhibit of a specific photographer? Or, plan a photography exhibit under concepts of your own? Have you ever wanted to organize a workshop with a specific photographer? Or, how about using photographs for making things? If you have ever had these thoughts or others, why not consider working with RING CUBE to show others what fun photography can be!  RING CUBE is not just a gallery for exhibiting and appreciating photographs, but aims to continuously evolve as a photo gallery by bringing together people who enjoy photography and like to use photography to express themselves.
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Applicants must reside in Japan and speak Japanese.
Activities for promoting photography
· Provide ideas and support for planning gallery exhibitions, workshops and hands-on labs to help connect with RING CUBE visitors.
· Stage SNS for doughnuts only. Promote planning and communications amongst doughnuts within that.
· Propose and produce gallery ideas for developing photography and photographic appreciation.
Who is eligible

1. Persons wanting to share the fun and appreciation of photography in agreement with the activity concepts of RING CUBE
2. Persons age 18 or older (current high school students excluded) who can participate in the orientation (approx. 2 hours) required for activities and program activities once or more times a year
3. Persons who can be contacted by e-mail or internet (PC, cell phone, etc.)
4. Maximum number of doughnuts in first recruitment: 30 (Doughnut recruitments will be held once or twice a year.)

Selection Applicants will be officially registered as doughnuts after document checks, group interviews and orientation.
* Results of document checks will be announced in mid December.
Orientation Tour of facilities, explanation of SNS use and issuance of doughnuts card (Approx. 2 hours)
Remuneration No remuneration is awarded for participating in doughnuts activities. However, RING CUBE will cover accident insurance expenses.
Activity period

1 year from registration
*Can be extended upon agreement by RING CUBE and doughnuts.

Other RING CUBE reserves the right to expel any doughnut who breaks the law, causes disturbances or commits any act deemed unacceptable by the organization.
RING CUBE shall determine any and all matters beyond this job description.
Recruitment period 2Recruitment period … November 1 (Sat.) ~ 30 (Thu.), 2008
The fist recruitment had been announced for October 21, but it was postponed until November 1 because of unpreventable circumstances. Please wait for that date to apply.
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