Features2: Optical 7.1x super zoom

High-definition performance captures the photographer's intentions in a wide range of scenes.

28 - 200mm wide-angle optical 7.1x zoom lens in a compact body that fits snuggly in your palm.

Ricoh’s cutting-edge Double Retracting Lens System has enabled a 28 - 200mm wide-angle, optical 7.1x zoom lens to fit perfectly in an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry compact body just 22.6mm thick (at the thinnest part). And to further enhance the camera’s potentials, it is also equipped with a mechanism to switch between two zooming speeds with a single turn of the lever. Wherever you go, it will respond precisely to your motivation to express.

28mm WIDE

f=28mm 1/16 sec. F3.3 ISO100
f=28mm 1/16 sec. F3.3 ISO100

200mm TELE

f=200mm 1/26 sec. F5.2 ISO100
f=200mm 1/26 sec. F5.2 ISO100

Auto Resize Zoom enables up to 40.5x (equivalent to 1130mm) * zoom.

Beyond the optical zoom lens' maximum of 200mm (7.1x), the R8 has 5-stage auto-resize zoom that reaches a maximum of 40.5x (equivalent to 1130mm) * . Images can be resized to 8M, 5M, 3M, 1M, and VGA giving you the freedom to select whatever zoom you want.

  • *VGA image size (640 x 480 pixel recorded image)

For that moment you can't miss, Dual Vibration Correction reduces blur from both camera shake and subject movement.

To reduce camera shake caused by hand movement, the R8 is equipped with CCD Shift Vibration Correction function for uncompromised image quality. Auto-HI Mode offers greater ISO range and faster shutter speed that helps reduce blurs in dark rooms that require higher ISO.

Vibration Correction ON

Vibration Correction OFF

  • *Vibration Correction is not guaranteed to work in all photographic conditions.

Face Recognition Mode enables beautiful reproduction right down to the skin tone.

The R8 is equipped with Face Recognition Mode for clear capture of the delicate texture of the skin tone. It automatically identifies faces and makes adjustments to optimize focus, exposure and white balance. It works even when the face is not in the center of the frame.



  • *Identifies up to 4 faces.
  • *Face Recognition Mode is not guaranteed to work in all photographic conditions.

High-speed response to shooting commands, including the amazing shutter release time lag of just 0.011 seconds.

The R8 offers high-speed response that reacts instantly to your instincts. The shutter release time lag from focus lock is only 0.011 seconds*. It needs just another 0.6 seconds* to reset for your next shot. It powers up in 1.4 seconds*. All commands are answered with agility and comfort.

  • *Time is measured under Ricoh's measuring conditions with flash and Vibration Correction function OFF, and may vary depending on photographic conditions.

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