Features1: Outstanding resolution

Polished to an even higher sheen: Functionality as a "tool" to carry with you.
For those who enjoy picture-taking in both business and pleasure, an ideal camera should have what it takes to capture not just images but the photographer's feelings and intents as well. The refined body, stripped of frills and ornaments to become a perfect portable instrument, is fully equipped with qualities "to shoot what you want to shoot". The R8 - a camera for people who enjoy photography everyday.

10 million effective pixels, 1/2.3 CCD reproduces the beauty per se.

With its 10 effective megapixel 1/2.3" CCD, the R8 offers highly precise power to express every detail vividly. Paired with the high-performance SIE III image processor, you can capture the smallest of details in brief moments of encounter with your subject.

f=28mm 1/84 sec. F3.3 ISO100
f=28mm 1/84 sec. F3.3 ISO100

Achieve high sensitivity photography in any situation with Ricoh's image processing engine, Smooth Imaging Engine III.

The excellent image quality is delivered by Ricoh's digital technology, the Smooth Imaging Engine III. It clears noise from the image signals without compromising resolution. In combination with its advanced image processing, gradation and color tone adjustments, it delivers unrivalled color reproduction to achieve delicate and natural expressions even in high ISO shooting environments.

f=28mm 1/13 sec. F3.3 ISO800
f=28mm 1/13 sec. F3.3 ISO800

High-definition 2.7-inch, 460,000-pixel LCD offers sharper view of every detail.

The R8 is equipped with a wide-view, high-contrast 2.7-inch, 460,000-pixel LCD that offers excellent viewing even under strong sunlight. Images appear clear and sharp to the finest detail. You can easily identify the small images in the 20-frame Thumbnail Display that is useful in playing back images.

* Simulated image

Frame small subjects artistically at all focal points with Macro photography.

Macro photography can truly depict small subjects threedimensionally to scale at all focal points. The R8 allows you to shoot your subject from just 1cm away with the lens at its widest angle * , or draw back to telemacro and still get as close as 25cm. It adds a touch of creativity to the faithful imagery of the photographer's intent.

  • *Equivalent to 32mm

f=200mm 1/52 sec. F5.2 ISO100
f=200mm 1/52 sec. F5.2 ISO100

Switch the target without changing the frame with AF/AE Target Selection.

Whether you are taking a picture in normal shooting mode or macro shooting mode, this function allows you to shift the target for both auto focus (AF) and/or automatic exposure (AE) without having to move the camera. This is particularly useful when you are fixing the camera on a tripod.

* Simulated images

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