RICOH PX Optional Accessories

Product Name and Description
Rechargeable Battery DB-100 Rechargeable Battery DB-100
Rechargeable battery for the RICOH PX, CX5, CX4, CX3. A special battery charger is needed to charge this battery.
Battery charger BJ-10 Battery charger BJ-10
Battery charger for the RICOH PX, CX5, CX4, CX3. This can charge the DB-100 battery.
HDMI Cable HC-1 HDMI Cable HC-1
Use to connect to an HDMI-enabled TV.
Protective Jacket PJ-1 Protective Jacket (white) PJ-1WH
Protective Jacket (pink) PJ-1PK
Protective Jacket (blue) PJ-1BL
Protective Jacket (yellow) PJ-1YL
Protective Jacket (brown) PJ-1BN
The non-slip protective jacket, which helps protect against bumps and scratches, is available in five colors. Enjoy mixing and matching colors with the camera body.
Neck strap ST-4 Neck strap (black) ST-4BK
Neck strap (pink) ST-4PK
Neck strap (blue) ST-4BL
Neck strap (green) ST-4GR
Neck strap (brown) ST-4BN
"Two-way" straps that function as both hand- or neck-straps are also available in five colors.

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