• #1 High Image Quality
  • #2 Toughness
  • #3 Easy to Use
  • #4 Record Your Hobby
  • #5 Be Yourself
  • #6 Useful Tools

Feature #6 : Useful Tools

Challenge yourself with a variety of subjects. Expand your artistic horizons.

Bring commonplace joys to life with high-definition movies.


The RICOH PX makes movies a snap. Shoot high-definition movies with a frame size of 1280 × 720 pixels at a rate of 30 frames per second, then use an optional HDMI cable* to connect the camera to an HDTV and enjoy the results in high definition on a big screen.
* Available separately.

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Eye-Fi support lets you upload photos wirelessly.


Eye-Fi SD memory cards incorporate a transmitter that makes it easy to automatically upload photos to a computer or online photo service using a wireless network. Upload status is shown by an icon in the camera display.

  • * For more information on Eye-Fi cards, visit the Eye-Fi website (

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Burst shooting captures the moment.

Memory-reversal continuousMemory-reversal continuous

Continuous mode is ideal for those occasions when you want to check your golf swing or tennis stroke. Movements that can not be captured by the naked eye are photographed in a series of still images. Continuous mode can be used not only for sports but also for a new view of everyday events that may well produce some startling discoveries.

Stream continuous The camera takes 16 shots when the shutter-release button is pressed and arranges them in a single image. Memory-reversal continuous The camera shoots while the shutter-release button is pressed but records only the last 16 shots to a single multi-picture file.

The Convenience of Charging Your Camera from Your Computer

The battery can be charged not only by using the supplied USB power adapter to draw power a household outlet, but also by connecting the camera to a computer via USB. Charge the battery while surfing the web or updating your blog.

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