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GR DIGITAL wins Best Prestige Camera in Europe 2006 at TIPA Awards 2006, Europe's most prestigious photo and imaging awards

Tokyo, Japan - April 19 - The GR DIGITAL high-resolution compact camera released by Ricoh Co., Ltd. in October 2005 has been named Best Prestige Camera in Europe 2006 at the TIPA Awards 2006. The winners of these photo and imaging awards are chosen by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), an organization made up of European camera and video magazines.

The following aspects of the GR DIGITAL were highly evaluated, earning the camera this award.
The Ricoh GR Digital has a very high quality 28mm (35mm film equivalent) lens, which can be used with an optional converter to cover an angle as wide as 21mm. The new GR Digital inherits the superb image quality that made the awardwinning GR Series of 35mm film cameras so popular, and the style and performance is distilled into a compact body just 25mm thick. With a high-quality feel and superb expandability, this is the perfect lightweight tool for professional photographers and advanced amateurs.

TIPA is an organization of photo and imaging magazines that focus on technology and quality as well as innovative products. It currently has 31 member magazines in 12 countries in Europe.
The TIPA Awards recognize the best products in individual categories in the photo/imaging field. These awards were inaugurated in 1991, and are today recognized as Europe's most prestigious awards of their kind.
This marks the third time that Ricoh has been recognized at the TIPA Awards. The last time was in 2001, when the Ricoh GR21 high-resolution compact film camera won Best Prestige Camera in Europe 2001.

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