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Announcing the Release of the Caplio RZ1

Ricoh launches the Caplio RZ1 - a fashionable 4.0 megapixel digital camera with 3x optical zoom lens in a 25mm super slim body

Tokyo, August 19 th, 2004. Ricoh is proud to announce the release of the Caplio RZ1, a fashionable 4.0 megapixel digital camera with an outstanding 35 mm lens and a 3x optical zoom lens in a super slim body as thin as 25 mm. On the performance side, the Caplio RZ1 also incorporates technologies that professional photographers would appreciate--outstanding 1cm macro technology, and the combination of a 4.0 megapixel CCD and Ricoh's unique image processor--while offering user-friendly functionality that is sure to capture the hearts of all photo enthusiasts. The Caplio RZ1 offers all these and many other features at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Main Features

4.0 megapixel CCD and Ricoh's unique image processor ensure quality images
A superb 4.0 megapixel CCD and the "smooth imaging engine," Ricoh's unique image processor, ensure sharp, rich colors and clean high-quality images even in large printed formats. This outstanding processor also shortens image processing speed and contributes to power-saving.

Incorporating Ricoh's superior 1cm macro mode
Be it the smallest detail of a flower petal or the intricate pattern of a butterfly's wings, Ricoh's impressive 1cm macro technology is designed to take close-up shots from a distance of just 1cm. The AF target shift function conveniently allows the user to pan around the image and locate the desired focus point with the operation of a button instead of moving the camera. This is especially helpful when using a tripod. With a little creativity, almost anyone can create professional-looking macro images with the Caplio RZ1. In telemacro mode, a built-in flash for shots as close as 16cm highlights objects while protecting against any unwanted whiteout effects to ensure sharp, clear macro shots.

Three power source options offer greater efficiency and reliability
The Caplio RZ1 offers greater power efficiency and reliability with three power source options. No more missing precious photo opportunities while recharging batteries or when running out of batteries without a backup on hand. In addition to the long-life lithium ion rechargeable battery (optional) or the AC adapter (optional), the Caplio RZ1 features the unique ability to switch to AA size alkaline batteries or nickel metal hydride batteries that are widely available in stores when the occasion demands it. The Caplio RZ1 can shoot as many as 500 images * between recharges when using the lithium ion rechargeable battery, and up to 300 images * when using AA alkaline batteries.

  • *Under normal usage conditions (50% flash and zoom usage, LCD on, 30 seconds between shots, reviews of all photos)

Caplio RZ1

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