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Ricoh announces the Caplio RR730

The new Caplio RR730-Ricoh's unrivaled digital camera usability and compactness with 7.16 megapixel resolution.

Simply small, simply easy, simply better!

Ricoh is pleased to announce the release of the new Caplio RR730. This sleek new entry-level digital camera adds more exciting new user-friendly features to its extremely popular RR660 predecessor. The new 7.16-megapixel digital camera is slightly lighter and smaller than the RR660, and has a bigger crystal-clear 2.5" color TFT-LCD monitor for even easier viewing.

The Caplio RR730 is the newest addition to Ricoh's popular, award-winning range of digital cameras, whose outstanding performance, value for money and stylish designs have won them favor around the world from both professional and amateur photographers. The RR730 consistently produces amazing, crystal-clear images beyond the level of pictures from other cameras in its class. And with its 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, for a combined 12x zoom, the RR730 can effortlessly handle any photographic situation it faces.

The incredibly sleek and compact body of the RR730 fits easily into the palm of your hand or in your pocket. And it only weighs an amazingly light 120g *. What's more, the point-and-shoot freedom of the RR660 is now a feature of the RR730, so that even absolute beginners will have no trouble wowing their friends and family with stunning digital images. Six scene modes in the RR730 give you even more exciting options to add a touch of creativity to your digital imagery. Set the Mode dial to Auto, Program, Portrait, Landscape, Sports and Night Scene, to get extensive choice and usability. Or catch motion with the ever-popular Video mode,

When you want to check your shots, review them clearly, anytime, anywhere thanks to the super-large size 2.5-inch color TFT-LCD monitor. Or simply transfer them to your computer with the RR730's easy-to-use USB connector. And now you can take more pictures right out of the box than ever before with the RR730's 32 MB of internal memory, double that of its predecessor. If you need more storage space, an SD Card, a widely used and easily available storage medium.

The stunning new RR730 gives you just what you need in a compact digital camera: sleek design, simple operation, and a crystal-clear large 2.5" color TFT-LCD monitor, all wrapped up in a light, elegant body. Look no further. The RR730 is the camera you've been looking for.

  • *Without battery and SD card

Major Features of the Caplio RR730

1. 7.16-megapixel CCD
The RR730's 7.16-megapixel CCD gives you great image quality with every shot. Even large A4 size prints turn out bright, crisp and full of rich detail.

2. 3x optical zoom plus 4x digital zoom
The RR730's 3x optical zoom can get you in close in most distant scenes. But when you need to get even closer, the 4x digital zoom adds the magnification to give you a total of up to 12x zoom.

3. Movie mode and six versatile scene modes to choose from
The RR730 records movies, and comes with six exciting scene modes to fit the place and subject you are shooting.

4. Get in as close as 5cm
Close-up photography is now just that little bit closer. The exciting world of macro photograph puts you in touch with beauty you have never noticed before.

5. 32MB internal memory and SD Card slot
The RR730 boasts a full 32MB of internal memory. And you can boost that storage capacity even more simply by inserting an SD Card (sold separately).

6. Big, bright & beautiful 2.5" color TFT-LCD monitor
The large-screen 2.5" color TFT-LCD with approx.115,000-pixel resolution provides strikingly clear play back of images right after you shoot them.

7. Uses standard-size AA batteries
You can find AA batteries almost anywhere, making the RR730 the perfect partner whenever you are out and about.

8. Fast, simple PC connectivity
Getting your photos to your computer couldn't be simpler-just connect the RR730 with the USB cable included. You can even enhance your photos and even create panoramic images with the bundled software.

Caplio RR730
Caplio RR730

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