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Ricoh announces the Caplio RR530

Ricoh unveils the Caplio RR530, a stylish 5.0 Megapixel digital camera for stunning pictures with trouble-free operation.

Perfect combination of quality and compact size.

Ricoh is delighted to announce the release of the Caplio RR530 - a compact 5.0 megapixel, digital camera that makes the joy of digital photography accessible even to novice users.

The Caplio RR530 is the latest addition to the popular, award-winning Ricoh Caplio series, whose high performance, excellent value and style has won favor with digital photographers around the world. The RR530 consistently produces stunning, crystal-clear images that mark it out from the other cameras in its class. Boasting a 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom for a combined 12x zoom, the RR530 is equipped to capture a wide range of scenes.

Weighing in at just 130g *, the Caplio RR530's stylish, compact body fits easily into your palm and your pocket. The RR530 makes taking quality photos easier than ever before - it really is as simple as "point and shoot". With this little smoothie, even absolute beginners will find digital photography a breeze. For those who wish to get a little more creative, the RR530's Mode dial enables the user to choose a movie mode or four scene modes: Portrait, Landscape, Sports or Night. What's more, the brightness of the 1.8-inch LCD monitor is easily adjusted, meaning your images can be viewed clearly in any light. Transferring photos to your PC is fast and simple with the RR530's USB connector. The handy 12 MB internal memory means the RR530 is ready to shoot straight out of the box, but it also supports an optional SD Memory card, a popular and widely used storage medium.

If you are looking for a stylish, compact digital camera, look no further than the Caplio RR530!
It will introduce you the world of digital photography.

  • *Without batteries, Hand strap and SD Memory card

Major Features of the Caplio RR530

1. 5.0 megapixel CCD deliver high image quality.
5.0 megapixel CCD deliver high image quality. Prints, even as large as A4 size, turn out and bright, sharp and full of rich detail from Caplio RR530 photos.

2. Optical 3x zoom, plus digital 4x zoom.
Optical 3x zoom offers you long reach for most scenes. When you need to go further, use the digital 4x zoom for a total of 12x zoom.

3. Movie and four scene modes.
Your Caplio RR530 records movie, plus has four scene modes that provide the best effect according to the type of subject.

4. Get in as close as 6cm with macro.
Enter the world of macro photography with detailed close-ups of flowers and other tiny objects.

5. Internal 12MB memory and SD Memory Card compatible.
The Caplio RR530 features 12MB of internal memory. To expand the capacity, just insert an SD Memory Card(sold separately).

6. Accepts regular AA batteries.
With easy-to-find AA batteries, you can keep shooting. Perfect for whenever you're on the move.

7. Everything you need by a computer.
Connect your camera to a computer with the USB cable then enhance photos and even create panorama images with our software.

8. Webcam function *
* only can use in MS Windows OS

Caplio RR530
Caplio RR530

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