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Announcing the Release of the Caplio RR1

Ricoh Launches Powerful 4-megapixel CCD Compact and Slim Digital Camera - Achieving High Resolution Photo-Real Clarity

Tokyo, September 17, 2001. Ricoh is pleased to announce the release of the new Caplio RR1 - a highly affordable 4-megapixel CCD digital camera that reproduces astonishingly clear photo-real print results even in large A3 size formats. The Caplio RR1 is further complimented with a remarkable 10.8X zoom through its 3X optical plus 3.6X digital zooms.

Offering tremendous value and style, the Caplio RR1 will undoubtedly appeal to the growing number of home and business power users searching for digital cameras with a difference. Incorporating the same dynamic and flexible multi-angle monitors from the RDC-7, RDC-i500 and RDC-i700, the highly portable Caplio RR1 is a slim, beautifully crafted product that's the thinnest * in its class and comes loaded with plenty of multimedia functionality.

(* as of September 1, 2001 in 4-megapixel CCD digital camera category)

With digital cameras having finally surpassed the 4-million pixel barrier, the extraordinary print quality now rivals that of traditional 35mm cameras. This has provoked a trend in which users are now substituting their 35mm cameras for fun, stylish, multi-functional digital cameras. Adhering to this emerging trend, Ricoh launched an exciting new brand called "Caplio" this summer with its first model aptly named the Caplio RR10.

"Now with the Caplio RR1, we want to provide our users with the sheer enjoyment of capturing images while taking advantage of 1 cm macros and 10.8X zooming capabilities with 4 million pixel quality - and then go and print their masterpieces!" Yasushi Okutsu, General Manager of Marketing Center, Personal MultiMedia Products Company said. "With a 4-megapixel CCD, I can think of 4 million reasons why users will be interested in the Caplio RR1! We have full confidence that this highly affordable, multi-functional digital camera will deliver a much greater level of satisfaction. "

Main Features

4-megapixel CCD is the key to high quality A3 size printing
Caplio RR1 comes equipped with a 4-megapixel CCD that reproduces astonishing high-resolution, true-color photo clarity, which allows users to confidently print detailed A3-size photos of 2272 x 1704 pixels on a home printer. Depending on output requirements, scales of 1120 X 840 pixels and 640 X 480 pixels may be pre-selected as well as 4 different compression settings; Fine /Normal /Economy or Non-compressed.

The available storage capability depends on what media type and mode one chooses. With an on board 8 MB memory, about 11 still images at 2272 x 1704 pixels can be stored in Normal mode, while approximately 177 still images in the same mode can be piled up if a 128 MB SmartMedia card is used.

Outstanding 10.8X Zoom, 1 cm Macros and Superb Lens Architecture
The Caplio RR1 features a 3X optical zoom lens, equivalent to 35 to 105 mm on a 35mm camera, plus an impressive 10.8X, 378 mm scope when combined with its digital 3.6X zoom. Additionally, the Caplio RR1 boasts 1 cm macros that present users with a full range of composition possibilities - from capturing home hobby collectables to tiny product components.

The lens architecture comprises of 10 glass elements in seven groups, with three aspherical lenses that help to minimize light dispersion and maximize light refraction. The result is a remarkable 200 mm/line resolution across the entire zoom range that optimizes crispness and color reproduction.

TEXT Mode - Ideal for Capturing Text from Printed Materials or Whiteboards
With personal and business users in mind, the Caplio RR1's "Text" mode easily extracts text from printed material or a whiteboard and converts them into black-and-white data. Furthermore, through adjustments in its density function, readability may be greatly enhanced.

High Quality Trimming Functionality
A distinguishing aspect to the Caplio RR1 is its ability to easily trim captured images using the `Cropping Function` directly in the LCD or on a PC. This handy function will give users the freedom of taking pictures without placing too much of an emphasis on initial shot composition. The trimming functionality also serves as an ideal tool for creating various desired outputs such as original postcards.

A Cool, Compact Digital Camera with a Flexible multi-angle LCD monitor and user-friendly Dual Shutter
Caplio RR1's clear, large size LCD TFT (approximately 200,000 pixels) monitor rotates and swivels at various angles - accurately displaying subjects even at the most challenging positions. In addition to being equipped with dual shutters that are ideally positioned for vertical and horizontal picture taking, images can be rotated easily via a simple editing function in the camera.

The Caplio RR1 is a cool, compact, lightweight digital camera that's only 26.6 mm thin. Its smooth, sleek metallic body design allows one to comfortably carry it in a shirt pocket.

Still, Motion and Sound modes
Apart from its exceptional picture taking capabilities, what genuinely sets the Caplio RR1 apart from the masses of digital cameras is its unique multimedia versatility. In Motion Picture mode, one can record and playback short AVI movie clips that are ideal for capturing continuous movements such as a person's golf swing. Approximately 11 minutes of footage can be stored onto a 128MB SmartMedia card - enough to impress any friend or colleague! Furthermore, the Caplio RR1 turns into a convenient sound recorder that is great for interviews and meetings. You can also conveniently place 10 sec. voice memos to captured images and text and store about 274 minutes of sound onto a 128MB SmartMedia card.

Caplio RR1

Caplio RR1

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