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Ricoh strengthens its line-up of 10 megapixel CCD compact digital cameras

Release of the high-end oriented R8 and, the R50 with an emphasis on portability

Tokyo, Japan - February 19, 2008 - Ricoh Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Shiro Kondo) has announced the release, on March 7, of two new compact digital cameras featuring a high-resolution 10 megapixel CCD: (1) The high-end R8 which is equipped with enhanced functions such as a 7.1x optical wide-angle zoom lens (28mm-200mm *), and (2) the compact R50 which features a 5x optical zoom lens (36mm-180mm *).

For detailed information, see the press release corresponding to each camera.

The basic concept of Ricoh cameras is to "expand the range of photo shooting". A digital compact camera that enables the user to immerse themselves beyond the limits of time and space to capture that decisive moment. Photography that focuses on spontaneity and supports candid photography culture. With the release of these new products, Ricoh has broadened its line-up of 10 megapixel CCD compact digital cameras and, furthermore, hopes that a wide range of users can enjoy photography in their own way.

Beginning with these new models, Ricoh will no longer use the "Caplio" product family name that has been utilized up to now. New product names will consist only of the model letter and number combination. This is being done because it is seen as a better fit for our development and product concept of creating "practical tools." Under the Ricoh brand, we will continue working to enhance the capabilities of each series: GR DIGITAL, GX, and R.

  • *Equivalent to 35mm camera focal length

New Products

  • (1)7.1x Optical Zoom High-end Camera R8
  • (2)5x Optical Zoom Compact Camera R50

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