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Caplio R7

7.1x Wide-Angle Digital Camera Featuring Low Noise in High-Sensitivity Photography

Tokyo, Japan - August 28, 2007 - Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Shiro Kondo) has developed and introduced the new Caplio R7 digital camera. With a new image processing engine and a 7.1x optical wide zoom lens (28-200 mm in 35 mm camera format) mounted on a slim body only 20.6 mm at its thinnest point, the Caplio R7 takes digital photography to an even higher level of image quality.

The new Caplio R7 is the successor model to the award winning Caplio R6 ( launched March 23, 2007), which earned high popularity for its slim body, wide-angle zoom lens, vibration correction, and face recognition mode.
Retaining the best features of earlier models, the Caplio R7 further enhances the line's established reputation for high image quality with the introduction of: (1) Smooth Imaging Engine III, a new image processing engine capable of even more sophisticated image processing, and (2) an effective 8.15 megapixel CCD for outstanding results.
In addition, the Caplio R7 makes a variety of other evolutionary advances in fun and easy photography with enhanced usability for its unique ADJ. (Adjust) button function, which makes it easy to set exposure compensation and white balance, and the introduction of brightness and color-tone correction functions, which enable still image brightness and color tone to be adjusted in the camera after the photo is taken.

Main features of the new Caplio R7

  • 1.The introduction of the new image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine III makes higher-picture-quality photography possible.
    • Smooth Imaging Engine III reduces the noise that can occur in high-sensitivity photography, without loss of resolution. As a result, even with high-sensitivity photography, crisp outlines are preserved and clear, non-grainy images are possible.
    • Through sophisticated brightness and color-tone adjustment, it reproduces natural colors closer to those seen by the naked eye.

  • 2.The Caplio R7 comes equipped with a new high-resolution 8.15 megapixel CCD.
    • An effective 8.15 megapixel CCD has been newly installed. Working together with the new image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine Ⅲ, this new CCD enables high-quality photography.

  • 3.On a body that is the slimmest in its class, measuring only 20.6 mm at the thinnest point, the Caplio R7 features a 7.1x wide-angle zoom lens.
    • *As of August 27, among compact digital cameras with 28 mm (35 mm camera format) 5X or greater optical wide zoom lenses.
    • As a result of the adoption of miniaturized components and the original double retracting lens system, Ricoh was able to equip the Caplio R7 with a 28-200mm 7.1x wide-angle zoom lens in a slim 20.6 mm body.
    • A wide range of photographic options are supported, from wide-angle photography—for panoramic landscapes and indoor shooting near the subject—all the way to impressive telephoto photography.

  • 4.Enhanced usability when shooting
    • (1)ADJ. (Adjust) button increases usability
    • A cross-key function has been added to the ADJ. (Adjust) button, which makes it easy to switch exposure compensation, white balance, ISO sensitivity, and other settings to reflect the preferences of the photographer. As a result, menu operations can be executed quickly and easily with one hand.
    • (2)New on screen display
    • The elegant and functional beauty of the new on screen display contributes a high-quality feel of the Caplio R7 operation. The adoption of a highly readable font and clearer menu tabs further enhances ease of use.
    • (3)Two zoom speed levels
    • Zoom speed can be switched between the two levels of high speed and low speed to enable the photographer to move quickly and accurately to the desired zoom position.

  • 5.Image editing functions enable a variety of changes to images after shooting in the camera
    • (1)Brightness correction for adjusting image brightness and contrast
    • With the brightness correction function it is possible to adjust (on a five-level scale) the brightness and contrast of a still image in the camera and then record the resulting image. In this way, the image as it was intended by the photographer can be recreated in the camera without unwanted black or white saturation.
    • (2)Color tone correction for adjusting image color tone
    • With the color tone correction function it is possible to adjust color tone by strengthening red or blue tones (on a five-level scale) of a still image in the camera and then record the resulting image. In this way, the original image shot can be adjusted to better reflect the color tone desired by the photographer.
    • (3)Image rotation
    • Still images in the camera can be rotated 90 degrees and then recorded. (The rotation is only reflected when the image is viewed in the camera.)

  • 6.Popular vibration correction function and face recognition mode
    • The Caplio R7 contains Ricoh’s original CCD-shift vibration correction function which compensates for camera shake when it is detected.
    • Face recognition mode automatically identifies faces in a scene and automatically adjusts the focus, exposure, and white balance for best results.

  • 7.Wide viewing angle, high contrast 2.7-inch LCD
    • The Caplio R7 has an easy-to-see 2.7-inch LCD with 230,000 pixels. In addition to having a wide viewing angle and high contrast, its color reproduction is excellent, making it easy to view images during shooting and playback.

  • 8.Powerful macro functions, a Ricoh specialty
    • Ricoh's original macro mode allows close-in shooting of objects as close as 1 cm with wide macro and as close as 25 cm with telemacro. A zoom macro function enables the use of digital zooming from the optical zoom position where subjects can be captured at their largest.

  • 9.Three types of bracketing functions
    • The Caplio R7 has three different types of bracketing functions: auto bracketing automatically shoots consecutive shots changing the exposure each time, white balance bracketing automatically shoots consecutive shots changing the white balance each time, and color bracketing automatically shoots three consecutive shots, a black and white image, a color image, and a sepia image.

Caplio R7
Caplio R7

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Accessories included

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