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Announcing the Release of the Caplio GX

Ricoh launches "Caplio GX" - a slim 5-megapixel 28mm wide-angle zoom digital camera with exceptional lens construction and the world's fastest* shutter response.

Tokyo,11th May, 2004--Ricoh is very pleased to announce the release of the Caplio GX, a superbly built 5-megapixel, 28mm-85mm wide-angle zoom lens digital camera that will most certainly top of the 'must have' lists of avid professionals and photography enthusiasts alike.

The list of attractions for the Caplio GX begin with its generous 5.13 effective megapixel CCD and bright (f=2.5-4.3) 3x optical lens structure consisting of 9 glass elements in 7 groups produces exquisite images of up to 2592 x 1944 pixels, large enough to print A3-size high resolution photos.

The 28mm-85mm wide-angle (35mm film camera equivalent format) delivers a very useful 75-degree angle of view that translates into much improved landscape images, group shots, and a host of other wide-angle opportunities that capture more into a single image than most digital cameras.

The Caplio GX features a convenient electronic dial intended for the index finger to manually control a variety of settings that include aperture, white balance, ISO sensitivity and exposure levels. Furthermore, its sleek, first-class compact design is only 29mm thick and carries the trademark rubber handgrip that beautifully contours the right side of its lightweight 205-gram aluminum die-cast body.

Succeeding the Caplio RX's strong point, The Caplio GX is also extremely quick. Boasting the world's fastest shutter response time at only 0.12 seconds and start-up time clocked at 1.2 seconds, precious photo opportunities can be snapped up in an instant. Too often even higher-end digital cameras disappointed users with slow shutter response and start-up times - the Caplio GX effectively puts an end to these issues.

Another major benefit to this digital camera is its macro mode capabilities. Ricoh's Caplio GX takes brilliant 1cm macros and features auto-focus target functionality that allows the photographer to conveniently pan around an image up close in order to find the desired focus point.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of all is the Caplio GX's reasonable price tag. Although a serious high-quality camera targeting prosumers, Ricoh has generously priced the Caplio GX at mid-range levels - a welcomed surprise.

"The Caplio GX is quite simply the finest digital camera our (Ricoh) organization has ever produced," smiles Mr. Yasushi Okutsu, the General Manager of Ricoh's Marketing Office. "We've combined our superior lens manufacturing expertise, stylish design and sophisticated Caplio technology to deliver a truly outstanding 5 megapixel 28mm-85mm wide angle 3x optical lens with the world's fastest shutter response time of just 0.12 seconds*. And its new electronic dial that can quickly change aperture, exposure and other advanced settings will definitely make this a must have for any professional photographer's collection. Best of all, we've priced the Caplio GX at an affordable mid-range level!"

  • *As of May 6th, 2004 for all auto focus digital camera

Main Features

Powerful 5-megapixel 1/1.8 CCD produces A3-size printouts

The Caplio GX comes equipped with a very powerful 5-megapixel (5.13 effective) 1/1.8 CCD, which can output an A3 high-resolution print that will impress even the most discerning of professionals. The vastly improved image processor ensures colours look richer, sharper and cleaner even in large printed formats.

Superior lens construction makes all the difference

Ricoh engineers have come up with a superior lens design with 9 glass elements placed in 7 groups that help to supply a substantial amount light to the edge of photos even in wide-angle operation. In addition, 4 aspherical lenses and 4 high refractive index- low dispersion lenses work to make corrections for aberration in all zooming areas in a controlled and balanced manner.

28mm-85mm wide-angle 3x optical plus 4x digital zoom

Another one of Caplio GX's major attractions is its versatile wide-angle 28mm lens that makes landscape photography an absolute pleasure to capture. With an angle of view of 75 degrees - comparable with just 62 degrees of conventional 35mm digital cameras - the photo opportunities on the Caplio GX abound. Moreover, its accurate 3x optical plus 4x digital zoom that delivers an outstanding combination of 12x zoom, equivalent to a telephoto range of 28-336mm on a regular 35mm camera.

Professional lightweight design with electronic manual control dial

Built with professionals and enthusiast in mind, the Caplio GX features a convenient electronic dial that can manually control settings that include aperture of the aperture priority mode, speed, white balance, ISO sensitivity and exposure levels of pictures taken. Furthermore, its sleek, compact design is only 29mm thick and features a rubber handgrip that snugly contours the right side of its lightweight 205-gram aluminum die-cast body.

World's fastest shutter response time

Incorporating the Caplio RX's 0.12 second world's fastest shutter response time technology, owners of the Caplio GX can confidently capture photo opportunities where speed is of the essence - leaving the "click and wait" shutter response times of other digital cameras behind. Also, to the delight of any press photographer, the Caplio GX has the ability to turn itself on and snap off a photo in just 1.2 seconds.

Aperture-priority control flexibility

The handy control dial on the front face of the Caplio GX allows advanced users to select a specific f-stop with aperture-priority AE (automatic exposure) or manual exposure. Functionality such as this helps the Caplio GX to confidently meet the creative demands of serious photographers that require certain images to have a particular "depth of field" or other desired elements.

Marvelous 1cm "wide" macros with 15cm flash highlight

The Caplio GX boasts the ability to capture objects of 18mm(H) x 24mm (W) at a distance of just 1cm. Keep the camera still at this distance and take advantage of its auto-focus target functionality that allows the user to conveniently pan around the image in order to find the desired focus point. There is even a built-in flash for shots as close as 15cm that highlights objects while protecting against any unwanted whiteout effects.

Three convenient power sources to rely on

The Caplio GX is ideal for the road warrior who demands the highest level of power flexibility, performance and efficiency. Shoot up to 400 images* between recharges when using the long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery (optional) or take advantage of a nearby power source and use the optional AC adapter. The Caplio GX also has the ability to switch to two AA alkaline (comes included) or nickel metal hydride batteries and a synchro monitor mode that conserves energy by turning the monitor on automatically only when the shutter button is pressed to preview a shot or operate the zoom.

  • *Up to 400 images under normal usage conditions (with 50% flash and zoom usage, LCD on, 30 seconds between shots, reviews of all photos).
Six handy scene modes

The Caplio GX comes equipped with six handy scene modes (portrait, sports, landscape, night scene, text and high-sensitivity) that were intended to help the photographer capture various shooting situations in their best light. In high-sensitivity mode, the screen automatically illuminates subjects to aid in framing the picture in under-lit environments such as a candlelit dinner or trendy nightclub lounge.

  • *Caplio is a trademark of Ricoh Company, ltd.

Caplio feature outline

    • 1.5.1 megapixel CCD
    • 2.0.12 second shutter lag to focus and shoot
    • 3.1.2 second start up time
    • 4.3x optical wide angle zoom (equivalent to 28-85mm) at f2.5 - f4.3
    • 5.1.8" LCD monitor at 130,000 pixels
    • 6.Non compressed mode (TIFF)
    • 7.Auto aperture priority
    • 8.Full manual exposure
    • 9.Built-in flash and hot shoe
    • 10.16MB on board memory. Compatible with SD memory cards
    • 11.Six easy to use practical scene modes
    • 12.AVI movie with sound + voice memo recording
    • 13.256-point multi metering light sensor + centre weighted and spot metering
    • 14.Auto bracket and white balance bracket
    • 15.Ergonomic hand grip
    • 16.Compact - 113.6mm W x 29mm D x 58mm H

Caplio GX

Front face

Back face

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