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Ricoh produces Caplio GX100 special catalogue created by four photographers

Tokyo, Japan - March 10 - Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Shiro Kondo) announced today the production of a special catalogue for the Caplio GX100 * digital camera released in April 2007. Ricoh commissioned photographers Robyn Hills, Masato Terauchi, Yuichi Maruya, and Toshiaki Shidara to take photographs that emphasize the uniqueness of the Caplio GX100 with its wide range of functions; thus creating a catalogue of four different patterns. The objective of having the four photographers compete in creating the catalogue was to promote the wide range of uses for the GX100.

Ricoh is advocating "broadening the realm of photography" as a basic concept for its camera business. And it is providing compact digital cameras and accessories based on the idea of overcoming temporal and spatial limitations to allow users to enjoy beautiful photographs with ease at any time or place. Through this catalogue, viewers can get closer to the expressive ability of the Caplio GX100, feeling the appeal of photography.

Ricoh has prepared the catalogue in PDF format for anyone to download and enjoy enabling many more photographers to appreciate the full abilities of Caplio GX100. One of the photographs which appears on the catalogue will also be displayed and distributed at the Ricoh Photography Contest Exhibition due to be held in Ginza, Tokyo for four days from Thursday, 3rd April to Sunday, 6th April.
Please see the separate release also dated March 10 for details on the Ricoh Photography Contest Exhibition.

  • *Caplio GX100
    Released in April 2007, the Caplio GX100 is packed with features for photography aficionados. This high-end model has a high-performance 24 to 72 mm wide zoom lens (35mm film equivalent) and supports a removable LCD viewfinder. It comes with a wide array of manual settings, such as square format in 1:1 aspect and macro mode for shots as close as 1 cm from the subject.
[Photographer profiles]
Robyn Hills

Robyn specialises in Portraiture, Nude, Landscape and Art Photography. Being a leader in her field, Robyn is one of Australia's highest awarded photographers and also has a long list of solo exhibitions. She enjoys adventure travel, plays the piano and is a helicopter pilot.

Masato Terauchi

Born in Toyama prefecture, in 1954.
Masato has begun his career as a professional photographer in 1991.
Gained popularity for his images of landscape photography, notably 1999 "the healing islands" exhibition at Isetan, which featured Yakushima and Miyakojima islands. His photos are often called "emotional photography" as one might describe "the pictures appear to be moving and could hear the sound from".
He's also known for shooting more than 6,000 VIPs' and entrepreneurs' portraitures.

Masato has given the commemorative lecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1999. He is the founder, the chief editor, and the publisher of "PHaT PHOTO" magazine since 2000.
His books include "Haikei Iyashino shima ni imasu", "Iyashi no sekai heno tabi", "Land hope resides" and so on. Masato is a member of Japan Professional photographers Society, and Japanese Academy of Facial Studies.

Yuichi Maruya

Born in 1974, Maruya was overwhelmed by the beauty of Tahiti, prompting himself to become a photographer.
Maruya has been employed by CMS Corporation since 2004, specialized in portrait photography and advertising photography. Maruya exhibited at the group exhibition "Bright Star: Door to Tomorrow" at YAFFA ORGANIC CAFE in Roppongi in 2005. In 2007, Maruya exhibited at the group exhibition "1+14 Yokohama Photo Apartment" at Yokohama Kitanaka White. In the same year, Maruya exhibited at the group exhibition "Yokohama Photo Expo" at Yokohama BankART1929, and also participated in collaborative photo book "GR SNAPS".

Toshiaki Shidara

Born in 1974 in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, Shidara got his start at the PHaT PHOTO photography school in 2004. He is active mainly in landscapes and portraits, also doing CD jackets, concert photos (for the band Pinball Drive), and teaching photography (at photoGRaph100). Shidara is a contract creator for PHaT PHOTO'S. His major photo exhibits included Seed of Rainbow and ONAEBA in 2006 and 1+14 Yokohama Photo Apartment and photoGRaph100 in 2007.

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