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GR DIGITAL Wins the Camera Grand Prix 2006 Special Prize

TOKYO - Ricoh Co., Ltd is pleased to announce that GR DIGITAL (released in October 2005) has been selected by the Camera Press Club to receive the Camera Grand Prix 2006 Special Prize.

The Camera Grand Prix is the most prestigious award that can be presented to a camera in the Japanese photo industry. It is selected by members of the Camera Press Club (founded in September 1963, composed of 12 magazines and 13 members at present), which comprises respected photographers, scholars and writers for photography and camera publications, as well as chief editors and magazine representatives (49 members for this year).

A total of 149 cameras, all released between April 1, 2005 and March 31, 2006, were nominated for the prize this year. The Special Prize by the Camera Press Club is given to one camera among the nominees that has been recognized as superior in popularity, topicality and technological advancement.

This is the second time a Ricoh camera has won the Special Prize, following the Ricoh R1 compact film camera, which won in 1995.

The GR DIGITAL fits professional quality and performance into a compact body which is only 25mm thick. It was launched in October 2005 as a successor to the GR Series, a high quality compact film camera first released in 1996.

Reason for Award

The GR lens, which offers the equivalent of 28mm in 35 mm format, gives high resolution and effective distortion suppression, and is fitted with 7 shutter blades for creative out-of-focus images. The robust magnesium-alloy body, easy-to-use external viewfinder and a whole range of accessories make this a truly unique camera.

Other pertinent features:

  • The retracting lens system allows part of the lens groupings to be stowed inside the camera cone.
  • The GR Engine prevents exaggerated outlines and color saturation, giving natural and subtle images.
  • Comprehensive Ricoh's support such as various customized options for long-term use.

The GR DIGITAL has been well received as a camera which will give years of pleasure to users, unlike most digital compact cameras which are designed to become obsolete in a short period of time.

GR DIGITAL, winner of the Camera Grand Prix 2006 Special Prize
GR DIGITAL, winner of the Camera Grand Prix 2006 Special Prize

Camera Grand Prix 2006 Camera Press Club Special Prize logo
Camera Grand Prix 2006 Camera Press Club Special Prize logo

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