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Ricoh releases second function-enhancing firmware update for GR DIGITAL User requests reflected in update for improved operability.

Tokyo, Japan - July 24 - Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Masamitsu Sakurai) announced today that it will release a second function-enhancing firmware update for its popular GR DIGITAL * high-resolution compact digital camera on July 28 to give even better operability.
  • *The GR DIGITAL is a high-end digital camera popular with pro photographers, high-end amateurs, and photo aficionados that achieves high resolution in a compact body. It was first released October 21, 2005 and is open priced.

The function-enhancing firmware can be downloaded free of charge from the Ricoh website. The following features can be added to the GR DIGITAL by installing this firmware.

  • (1) Optional functions can be set for the Exposure Compensation and White Balance selections that were applied as fixed items on the ADJ. dial.
    (Before, the optional functions could be applied to two selections; but with the function enhancements, all four selections that can be made with the ADJ. dial can be set optionally.)
  • (2) If settings are changed with the ADJ. dial, the setting can be selected by the zoom button.
    (Only when digital zoom function is turned off.)

Function-enhancing firmware updates the result of numerous opinions and requests from customers through the GR BLOG and through questionnaire information provided at user registration in Japan. The first update was released on March 24. Many GR DIGITAL users downloaded that, and much positive feedback has been received.

Function-enhancing firmware releases are meant to increase the satisfaction of current GR DIGITAL users. They also make the camera more appealing to those who are looking to purchase a digital camera. Ricoh will continue to release function-enhancing firmware in the future, further improving the GR DIGITAL.

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