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Ricoh’s RING CUBE Photo Gallery Awarded Color Universal Design Management System Attestation

~A First for a Photo Gallery~

The photo gallery RING CUBE opened by Ricoh Co., Ltd. in October 2008 in the San-ai Dream Center in the Ginza district of Tokyo has been certified by the NPO Color Universal Design Organization (CUDO) as meeting “Color Universal Design Management System Standards (for Business Establishments)”. This is the first time that a photo gallery has received this attestation .

RING CUBE was opened on Tuesday October 21, 2008 as not only “a place to display and appreciate photographs” but also a place that will nurture a “Candid Photo Culture” where photographs can be enjoyed in a light-hearted way. The gallery includes a photo display corner that can be flexibly tailored to the content of the exhibition, a space for workshops and a corner with a display of past Ricoh models as well as a selection of new ones to try out.
For the operation of the gallery, Ricoh is publicly soliciting members for “Doughnuts”, a support group of people who share a desire to communicate the joy of photography to others. By including this group in the framework for exhibition planning and operation support, we hope to make this a gallery that will always continue to evolve.

The displays inside the gallery and such printed materials as brochures pay due consideration to diversity in color perception, approaching this issue from a variety of angles. (This does not apply to the works displayed in the gallery, or to announcements etc. about them.)

< An Outline of the NPO Color Universal Design Organization >

•Name : NPO Color Universal Design Organization (Abbreviated as CUDO)

• Scope : An NPO that aims to “create a people-friendly society” by improving the colorenvironment so that it can be easily handled by people with diverse colorperceptions.
Its activities include verifying color universal design management system standards, providing color universal design certification, consulting, and issuing the color universal design certification mark.

• Address : (NPO) Color Universal Design Organization (Suginami Office),
Seibu Community Office No. 305, 5-28-16 Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

• Tel : 03-5575-5420 (Japanese only)

• URL : (Japanese only)

< Overview of RING CUBE >

Name derivation: The name motif combines the shape of the San-ai Dream Center with the image of an expanding ring that links people together through photography.

•Address : San-ai Dream Center 8/9F, 5-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Reception: 9F)

•Tel. : 03-3289-1521 (Japanese only)

•URL :

•Layout :
  • 1)Gallery Zone (photo exhibition space and main zone of RING CUBE)
  • 2)Creative Zone (workshop space and experimental space for creating new ways to enjoy photography)
  • 3)Camera Corner (corner for trying new Ricoh models and viewing a display of past models)
•Opened : October 21, 2008 (Tuesday)

•Times : 11:00 to 20:00 ( closed during yearend holidays and on all Tuesdays)

•Entrance fee : Free
  • *Please see the Ricoh website for announcements about events at the gallery.

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