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Photo-technique [Individual Subject Section]

Beautiful sky photography

Let's make some photo art from the same sky we usually see without a second thought
The sky is a pristine natural world there above all of our heads.
As it happens, this familiar sky also makes an extremely appealing photo subject.
The white clouds floating in this vastness can be both comical and reassuring.
In their competition, clouds and sunlight sometimes stage a performance of unimaginable beauty.
You do not have to travel to the mountains or the sea; it is enough to just be on the roof or on the ground, at a park or on a riverbank.
The appeal of the sky photograph is that there we can always find a magnificent view.
So let's take our cameras and find some open space.
Beginner's technique

Advanced technique

Taken with: CX3 ●ISO200 ●1/1410sec. ●F7.0 ●EV-0.3 ●WB:MANUAL

Text and photographs: HABU