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Beginner's technique

You enjoy your golfing and check your swing! Use the Continuous Shooting function. You have three types of continuous shooting modes. Using the first mode, you press "Continuous Shoot" to take continuous still pictures while you keep the shutter pressed. The second mode is "Stream(S) Continuous Shoot", with which you can take 16 continuous individual still pictures within one file. The third mode is "Memory Reverse(M) Continuous Shoot." With this mode, you can record 16 pictures that have most recently been taken retrospectively from the time you press the shutter button in a file. The camera has a video function, but this time I will only introduce the Stream Continuous Shooting function.

Sample photo
Taken with: R8 ●1/217 sec ●F5.1 ●ISO322 ●EV-0.3 ●WB:AUTO

It is fairly difficult to photograph the right moment of impact when you hit the ball. You need to get used to gauging the right moment to release the shutter. For a rough idea, I suggest that you release the shutter when the player's club reaches about half way from the top of the take-back to the coming moment of impact. This means that the head speed will be quite fast. One important thing to remember is never to distract or annoy the player with the sound of your shutter. Always set the shutter sound to OFF before shooting.

Sample photo
Taken with: R8 ●1/176 sec ●F4.6 ●ISO64 ●EV-0.3 ●WB:MANUAL

To depict the caliber of a player and his flowing movement, be mindful of your shutter speed. Adjust your shooting parameters to release the shutter at approximately 1/250 seconds for satisfactory results. If you are shooting on AUTO, you can make certain adjustments by changing the ISO setting.

Sample photo
Taken with: R8 ●1/143 sec ●F4.8 ●ISO100 ●EV-0.0 ●WB:MANUAL

Sample photo
Taken with: Caplio GX100 ●1/110 sec ●F3.7 ●ISO80 ●EV-0.3 ●WB:MANUAL

Sample photo
Taken with: R8 ●1/440 sec ●F6.8 ●ISO100 ●EV-0.0 ●WB:MANUAL

After the player has completed his shot, there will still be good photo opportunities. Golfing is an unpredictable game. Some play nicely and others fail, and unexpected things can happen on a golf course.
Golf is a sport that reflects the player's true mood. You should always be on the alert not to miss the expressions on players' faces.

Sample photo
Taken with: R8 ●1/500 sec ●F4.8 ●ISO100 ●EV-0.0 ●WB:AUTO

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