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Photo-technique [Individual Subject Section]

Enjoy photography on a golf course

Why not take pictures of your friends on a course to double your golfing enjoyment?!
Playing golf with your friends is really enjoyable but you seldom take your camera to the golf course, do you? Your golfing will be much more enjoyable if you record their good shots, handling of the clubs, swinging form, scenery and those famous holes of well known courses. All of these will surely supply your after-golf hours with the day's recorded moments to make the afterglow even more happier and interesting. We know you are not allowed to have a camera on the course when professional players are playing a match. But cameras can be a convenient tool for a practice round or private competition to create memories of happy get-together that you will long cherish. You will find Ricoh's compact digital cameras come in handy on a golf course. They are simple to use and ready to take great pictures when you want to take them. You can stash it in your hip pocket, and you can keep on playing golf not bothered by it in the least;
Beginner's technique

Advanced technique

Taken with: R10 ●1/97 sec ●F4.4 ●ISO80 ●EV-0.3 ●WB:MANUAL

Taken with: R8 ●1/64 sec ●F5.2 ●ISO64 ●EV-0.3 ●WB:MANUAL
Taken with: R8 ●1/270 sec ●F5.1 ●ISO64 ●EV-0.0 ●WB:AUTO

Model: Tsuneyuki Nakajima, pro golfer
Copy and photo: Yasutaka Tanji

* My word of appreciation to Nakajima Pro for acting as a model.