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Photo-technique [Individual Subject section]

Taking snapshots on streets

03 Taking snapshots on streets while exploring a city
We often hear "I am not sure what and how I should take street shots". When photographing styles other than street shots, a subject to be photographed is usually provided at a shooting location. For street shots, however, no subject is provided. Therefore, it is understandable that some people are unsure about what kind of street shots to take. However, you will realize that a city is full of subjects anywhere at any time if you take a lateral approach by thinking that all visible objects and views can be subjects. Go outside with your camera, have fun while walking through a city, and then point your camera at subjects that interest you, for example, beautiful scenery, buildings, or people.
Beginner's technique

Advanced technique 1

Advanced technique 2

Taken with: GR DIGITAL II ●1/250 sec ●F4.5 ●ISO100 ●EV-0.3 ●WB:AUTO

Copies and photos: Yoichi Sone