Photo-technique [Individual Subject section]07 Taking Photographs from a Different Viewpoint06 Beautiful sky photography05 Enjoy photography on a golf course04 Taking pictures of dishes so that they look delicious, Part 203 Taking snapshots on streets02 Taking pictures of dishes so that they look delicious, Part 101 World Heritage sites photographed in a fantastic atmosphere
Photo-technique [Individual Subject section]
Taking Photographs from a Different Viewpoint

07 Simply changing the camera angle can spice things up. Try taking photographs from your own viewpoint instead of leaving it up to the camera
I take my camera with me whenever I go out into the city. Without anything in particular in mind to take, I just walk the streets, snapping shots of the city scenery and the never-ending flow of people, loosing myself in the atmosphere. The interesting thing about the city is that, even if I have walked its streets so many times I know them by heart, there is always something different. The most appealing thing about snapshots is how each one is unique. A scene taken is never repeated. Even if they are taken at the same location, the time and weather as well as how you are feeling all affect the snapshot. Each is a priceless record of what you see in your daily life, with an extra unexpected twist. With countless random combinations of factors, you will always encounter a new scene every time. Don't just depend on your camera's Auto function. Try and remember how you manually operated a film camera. Select the shutter speed and aperture, as well as the white balance and focus, and tackle the subject from an analog perspective. You are more likely to take fresh new photographs that are a bit different from your everyday photo. Snapshots have no genre. The fun of taking snapshots will increase, with each new encounter.
Beautiful sky photography

06 Let's make some photo art from the same sky we usually see without a second thought
The sky is a pristine natural world there above all of our heads.
As it happens, this familiar sky also makes an extremely appealing photo subject.
The white clouds floating in this vastness can be both comical and reassuring.
In their competition, clouds and sunlight sometimes stage a performance of unimaginable beauty.
You do not have to travel to the mountains or the sea; it is enough to just be on the roof or on the ground, at a park or on a riverbank.
The appeal of the sky photograph is that there we can always find a magnificent view.
So let's take our cameras and find some open space.
Enjoy photography on a golf course

05 Why not take pictures of your friends on a course to double your golfing enjoyment?!
Playing golf with your friends is really enjoyable but you seldom take your camera to the golf course, do you? Your golfing will be much more enjoyable if you record their good shots, handling of the clubs, swinging form, scenery and those famous holes of well known courses. All of these will surely supply your after-golf hours with the day's recorded moments to make the afterglow even more happier and interesting. We know you are not allowed to have a camera on the course when professional players are playing a match. But cameras can be a convenient tool for a practice round or private competition to create memories of happy get-together that you will long cherish. You will find Ricoh's compact digital cameras come in handy on a golf course. They are simple to use and ready to take great pictures when you want to take them. You can stash it in your hip pocket, and you can keep on playing golf not bothered by it in the least;
Taking pictures of dishes so that they look delicious, Part 2

04 Create a photo-story of your time dining at a restaurant.
You have reserved a table for a dinner party at a talked-about restaurant you wanted to visit. The members arrived all dressed up for the occasion. On such a special day, let's record not only the dishes but the guest members and the restaurant in a photo-story so that everyone can share the memories of the glamorous experience, lively conversation and laughter long afterward as if the get-together was held yesterday.
Taking snapshots on streets

03 Taking snapshots on streets while exploring a city.
We often hear "I am not sure what and how I should take street shots". When photographing styles other than street shots, a subject to be photographed is usually provided at a shooting location. For street shots, however, no subject is provided. Therefore, it is understandable that some people are unsure about what kind of street shots to take. However, you will realize that a city is full of subjects anywhere at any time if you take a lateral approach by thinking that all visible objects and views can be subjects. Go outside with your camera, have fun while walking through a city, and then point your camera at subjects that interest you, for example, beautiful scenery, buildings, or people.
Taking pictures of dishes so that they look delicious, Part 1

02 Record a happy moment with delicious food in beautiful pictures at a nice restaurant.
When you dress up to go to a well-reputed restaurant, let's photograph the tasty and nice dishes and record the wonderful experience. So as to bring back the smiling faces of important people and amusing conversation when you see photos, trigger your camera to photograph memorable scenes, feelings, and atmosphere in the photos with the dishes.
World Heritage sites photographed in a fantastic atmosphere

01 Shoot architecture and natural scenery at world heritage sites in a fantastic atmosphere!
You may want to take pictures of architecture and natural scenery surrounding World Heritage sites! But you don't always come across fantastic scenes by luck. Why not take your time, notice how the scenes change over time, and shoot your most fantastic shots of World Heritage sites?