Photo Techniques Landscape : Flower Photo

5 Try using some special functions

Soft focusChange the white balance
Normal modeSoft Focus : Recommend

Soft focus

Capturing the flower in a softer atmosphere brings out its beauty even more. This is generally done by opening the aperture all the way when shooting, but by using the "Soft Focus" function of the camera, you can easily obtain the best softness for the frame. The trick is to pick the brightest flow and open up the aperture when shooting.

Normal modeSoft Focus : RecommendDisplay side by side : Recommend

Normal modeIncandescent light

Change the white balance

Capturing the flower just as you saw it is important, but another way you can try is to depict them as if they were flowers blooming in another world. To do this, all you need to do is change the white balance (WB). For example, a white flower viewed under moonlight looks bluish, and in the light of the setting sun it becomes an enigmatic flower bathed in red. By making skillful use of white balance, you can expand the boundaries of your creative expression.

Normal modeIncandescent light : RecommendDisplay side by side : Recommend

Conclusion (advice and summary)

Flowers are very close to us, so we can train a camera on them anytime, but when doing so don't just shoot, but instead confirm what it is that made you like it, what it was that piqued your interest in it, and then capture that part up close in the center of the frame, with the background blurred softly. Doing so will enable you to produce works that are simple yet have strong appeal.

Conclusion (advice and summary)
Soft focusChange the white balance