Photo Techniques Landscapes : Fall Foliage

2 Adjust the brightness to match what you have in mind

Make use of exposure compensationMake use of ISO speed
Exposure compensation : +2.0Exposure compensation : +1.3

Make use of exposure compensation

If you want to take vivid pictures of leaves colored with backlighting, you can bring out rich reds by setting negative compensation so that the shot comes out slightly dark. If shooting in backlit situations, you can use positive compensation to get shots that convey the impression of brilliant light passing through the leaves. If shooting up from underneath the leaves, setting a significant amount of positive compensation will enable you to bring out light color tones.

Exposure compensation : +2.0Exposure compensation : +1.3Display side by side

Set to ISO400Subject blurring

Make use of ISO speed

When capturing leaves close up, even a slight breeze can cause the leaves to shake, which can lead to blurring or the image being out of focus. Aside from waiting for the wind to stop long enough to take a shot, you can also prevent blurring by increasing the ISO speed to shoot at a fast shutter speed. Most recent camera models no longer produce noticeable noise in high-ISO shots, so you can make active use of this feature.

Set to ISO400Subject blurringDisplay side by side
Make use of exposure compensationMake use of ISO speed