The Lab Experiment #06: Using Creative Shooting mode

The Report to the Director

In these experiments, I learned that with Creative Shooting mode it is possible to take photographs with colors and impressions that differ from what we see with our eyes.

Soft Focus gives a soft, dreamlike image, and this should help me conceal those unwanted wrinkles! Cross Process mode gives colors that are a step removed from reality, and Toy Camera mode gives the kind of loosely defined images produced by a toy camera.

With these modes, there is a setting that enables the photographer to simultaneously shoot a normal image. This is convenient since after shooting you can enjoy comparing and choosing which you like better, the regular image or the Creative Shooting mode image.

Try Creative Shooting mode to capture highly original images of your everyday life. See you next time!

Text/Images: Nao Nishitsuji

#1: Using Soft Focus mode #2: Using Cross Process mode #3: Using Toy Camera mode

The Report to the Director