The Lab Experiment #06: Using Creative Shooting mode

#3: Using Toy Camera mode

Toy Camera mode enables you to take pictures that look as if they were shot with a toy camera. So what effects do you get when using this mode? I performed some experiments to find out.

Camera: CX4 ●1/36sec ●F4.3 ●ISO100 ●EV0.0

With Toy Camera mode, I found that I really could take loosely defined pictures like those shot with a toy camera. As shown using Photo 1, with Toy Camera mode it is possible to set vignetting (adjustment of brightness at the corners) as strong, weak, or off and to switch toy color on and off. When vignetting was set at weak or strong, the result was an image in which the center portion appears brighter and the viewer's attention is pulled strongly to the center. Turning toy color on raised the contrast to give flashy colors, and turning it off reduced sharpness, giving a soft hazy image. As can be seen in Photo 2, with all Toy Camera mode settings, the focus at the four corners is blurred and color shifts (chromatic aberrations) are emphasized.


Square size for even more of a toy camera feel
Camera: CX4 ●1/710sec ●F4.5 ●ISO400 ●EV+0.3 ●Vignetting:Strong ●Toy Color:ON

Camera: CX4 ●1/133sec ●F5.1 ●ISO100 ●EV0.0 ●Vignetting:Strong ●Toy Color:ON

Changing the image size to square format further strengthened the toy camera impression. Photo 5 was shot with the focus fixed as it is with a toy camera (here I set it to snap*). Since the child was closer than the focus distance, the out-of-focus quality increases the toy camera feel.
*With the snap setting, the focus is fixed at a short distance of approximately 2.5 m.

For Photo 6, reducing sharpness by turning off toy color and also using positive exposure compensation resulted in a soft image. Since hand motion blur and focusing errors actually increase the toy camera quality of an image, with this mode you can really relax and have fun in going after your "one scene" for the day. For detailed operation instructions, see below.

Camera: CX4 ●1/176sec ●F4.5 ●ISO100 ●EV+0.3 ●Vignetting:Strong ● Toy Color:ON *Focus: Set to "snap"

Camera: CX4 ●1/870sec ●F4.5 ●ISO100 ●EV+1.7 ●Vignetting:Strong ● Toy Color:OFF *Color: Black and white

Toy Camera mode

Turn the mode dial toCreative Shooting mode.
- The camera enters shooting mode with the current creative shooting mode option shown at the top of the picture display.

Press the MENU button.
- To choose a different creative shooting mode, press the MENU button to display creative shooting mode options.

Select the desired mode.

Press the ADJ./OK or Fn button.
- Pressing ADJ./OK button returns the camera to shooting mode with the selected option shown at the top of the picture display.
- Pressing Fn button selects the highlighted option and displays the shooting menu.

Press the shutter release button to shoot the picture.

Accessing the Shooting and Setup Menus ──
After pressing the MENU button in shooting mode to display the menus, press the ADJ./OK button Macro to select the [MODE] tab. You can then press the ▼ button once to display the shooting menu or twice to display the setup menu.

#1: Using Soft Focus mode #2: Using Cross Process mode #3: Using Toy Camera mode

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