The Lab Experiment #06: Using Creative Shooting mode

#2: Using Cross Process mode

Cross Process mode enables you to take pictures with colors that give a different impression than those seen with the eye. So how are they different from the colors of a normal photograph? I performed some experiments to find out.

Camera: CX4 ●1/310sec ●F7.0 ●ISO100 ●EV0.0

When film is developed, the process used is different for negative and positive film. If negative film is developed using a positive-film process or vice versa, the result is a photograph with unusual and sometimes mysterious colors. This is known as cross processing.
As the name implies, Cross Process mode enables you to photograph the same scene and get different and unusual color schemes, as shown in the photographs above. The color setting options available are basic, magenta, and yellow.

I tried shooting various scenes using each color setting.
Camera: CX4 ●1/760sec ●F8.9 ●ISO100 ●EV+0.3

Camera: CX4 ●1/203sec ●F4.5 ●ISO100 ●EV+0.3

Camera: CX4 ●1/5sec ●F3.5 ●ISO100 ●EV0.0

PhotoWhichever color I selected, the impression produced was different from normally shot photos. Especially with the sky and green and pale colors, the result was an image with mysterious hues. In addition, I found that putting the subject just a bit out of focus and shooting with Cross Process on "basic" gave a retro feel to the image. For detailed operation instructions, see below.

Cross Process mode

Turn the mode dial toCreative Shooting mode.
- The camera enters shooting mode with the current creative shooting mode option shown at the top of the picture display.

Press the MENU button.
- To choose a different creative shooting mode, press the MENU button to display creative shooting mode options.

Select the desired mode.

Press the ADJ./OK or Fn button.
- Pressing ADJ./OK button returns the camera to shooting mode with the selected option shown at the top of the picture display.
- Pressing Fn button selects the highlighted option and displays the shooting menu.

Press the shutter release button to shoot the picture.

Accessing the Shooting and Setup Menus ──
After pressing the MENU button in shooting mode to display the menus, press the ADJ./OK button Macro to select the [MODE] tab. You can then press the ▼ button once to display the shooting menu or twice to display the setup menu.

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