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Experiment #06: Using Creative Shooting mode

The Question: What kinds of functions are in Creative Shooting mode?
Creative Shooting mode enables the photographer to enjoy a variety of creative effects. For experiment this time, I selected the three mode options of Soft Focus, Cross Process, and Toy Camera. So what kinds of photographs can be taken with this mode? I performed experiments to find out.

Director Is something wrong Kame? You seem unusually quiet today.
kame Well, yes. I was looking at the photos from my trip, and it seems that all of a sudden my face has all these wrinkles and blotches...
Director Well, that's it. I guess your skin has turned the proverbial corner.
kame The problem is that the latest digital cameras are capable of such high image quality that all the details are there etched in sharp relief. This quality may be a wonderful thing for landscapes and child photographs, but for us over-30 women suffering from “low-image-quality skin' it can be rather traumatic.
Director it’s a woman's problem. But there is a camera mode available to solve this problem! It is called Creative Shooting mode and includes the Soft Focus mode that I think will relieve your distress.
kame Really?! A woman’s problem solving mode! I want to try it, immediately.
Director Okay, and you should also try the Cross Process and Toy Camera modes while you’re at it.

So this time I will experiment with Creative Shooting mode, which enables the photographer to enjoy a variety of creative effects.

#1: Using Soft Focus mode #2: Using Cross Process mode #3: Using Toy Camera mode

The Report to the Director

Experimentation Environment

Camera :CX4
Subjects :Animals, people, insects, landscapes, flowers, plants, food

*Creative Shooting mode is only available on the CX4 (as of September 2010). For the functions included, please see the camera manual.