The Lab Experiment #05: Using Scene Auto mode and Pets mode functions

#2: Using Pets mode

The Pets mode function is convenient when photographing cats and other pets. But in what specific ways is this mode well suited to pet photography? And are there any types of scenes that it handles better or worse than others? I performed some experiments to find out.


In Pets mode, when a cat faces the camera, its face is automatically detected in the same way as with the face recognition mode for people. This made focusing easy. And the flash, AF auxiliary light, and operation sounds were turned off so I was able to photograph the cats without startling them.


I found that it is easier for the camera to detect a cat's face when the face takes up one-third to two-thirds of the short side of the screen rectangle. Incidentally, in Pets mode the camera does not switch to macro so it is necessary to take care concerning the shooting distance.


Photography assistance: Cat Café Calico

I found that the cat's face is detected even in the case of different breeds and even when the cat's eyes are closed. However, since the AF auxiliary light is turned off, the face was not detected when it was so dark that the eyes and nose could not be seen (such as the picture at lower left). The cat's face was detected whether it was viewed straight on or at a slight angle, but I found that the face was not detected if it was turned so far to the side that only one eye was visible.

For detailed operation instructions, see below.

Selecting a Scene Mode

Turn the mode dial to SCENE.
- The camera is ready to shoot and the selected scene mode is displayed at the top of the picture display.

Press the MENU button to change the scene mode.
- The scene mode selection screen appears.

Select a scene mode.

Press the ADJ./OK button.
- The scene mode type is displayed at the top of the picture display.

The scene mode type is displayed at the top of the picture display.

Changing the shooting menu or setup menu setting in scene mode ----
Press the MENU button in shooting mode and then press the ADJ./OK button N to select [MODE] tab.

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