The Lab Experiment #05: Using Scene Auto mode and Pets mode functions

#1: Using Scene Auto mode

Scene Auto mode (=S-AUTO) provides the optimum shooting settings by automatically switching the mode based on the scene. Will the settings really change depending on the subject? I performed some experiments to find out.



Camera: CX3 ●1/1230sec ●ISO80 ●Flash:AUTO

Camera: CX3 ●1/4sec ●ISO734 ●Flash:AUTO(slow synchro)


Depending on the scene, the camera automatically switches to Portrait, Macro, Landscape, Sports, Night Portrait, or Nightscape mode, so you automatically get shooting settings suitable for the given mode. Another very convenient feature is that noise reduction operates on auto for all scenes. Particularly for high-sensitivity nightscapes, noise reduction is very effective for shooting beautiful photographs with low noise. I learned that Scene Auto mode is a very easy to use function that eliminates the need to switch scene modes for different subjects.

For detailed operation instructions, see below.

Using Scene Auto mode

In scene auto mode, the camera selects the optimal scene mode automatically.
The following scene modes can be selected.

The icon of the selected scene mode is shown in the display. If macro mode is selected, an icon will be displayed at upper left in the picture display.

If the camera is unable to select a scene, focus, exposure, and white balance will respectively be set to multi AF, multi AE, and multi-pattern auto.

#1: Using Scene Auto mode #2: Using Pets mode The Report to the Director