The Lab Experiment #04: Using the CX3 Noise Reduction Function

The Report to the Director

Our experimentation showed that using the noise reduction function helped us cut down on noise in our photos.
When the spirit moves you to snap a picture, you'll often find that indoor settings are surprisingly dark - but you don't really want to use flash, which can make facial expressions look less dynamic. When you're shooting in these kinds of indoor scenes or taking pictures of sunsets or night scenery without a tripod, it's a good idea to use high sensitivity settings.
Noise reduction was an extremely effective function in scenes that use high sensitivity, which tend to produce noise.
Another convenient feature is the ability to choose from four effect levels - Weak, Strong, MAX, and Auto - according to ISO sensitivity and subject.
Once you get a handle on noise reduction, you'll be taking photos in dark settings like never before!

See you next time!

Text/Images: Nao Nishitsuji

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The Report to the Director