The Lab Experiment #04: Using the CX3 Noise Reduction Function

#2: Taking Photos Indoors

What kinds of scenes are best suited for this function? We set the noise reduction effect to Auto and took some photos in indoor settings.

Picture 1
Camera: CX3 ●Focal length:70mm ●1/36sec ●F4.5 ●EV0.0

Picture 2
Camera: CX3 ●Focal length:85mm ●1/189sec ●F4.6 ●EV+0.7

Picture 3
Camera: CX3 ●Focal length:119mm ●1/133sec ●F4.9 ●EV0.0

* Focal lengths are equivalent to those of 35mm film cameras.

With noise reduction ON, our images had less noise and looked smoother. When you want to capture your subject and the atmosphere of the whole room, it's always best to avoid using flash - so, when we were shooting in that type of setting, we made use of the noise reduction function, which avoids giving skin a grainy look and keeps the colors of food fresh and lively, even in high-sensitivity environments.

#1: Looking at the Effects of Noise Reduction #2: Taking Photos Indoors #3: Taking Photos Outdoors

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